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Fanastasia in Dallas, Texas

Updated 76 months ago

Technology Analyst Development Program - 2 Replies

I am trying to get into the Technology Analyst Development Program. Does anyone who currently works there now tell me whom to contact in order to...

BNEX in East Liverpool, Ohio

Updated 76 months ago

Series 6 Exam.. FOR YOU THAT HAVE TAKEN IT???!!!!! - 10 Replies

I used to work for WAMU as a PB and left for a short while and now I am back. I take the series 6 exam next Friday and am freaking out. I have been...

John Doh in Dallas, Texas

Updated 76 months ago

Tuition reimbursement at JP Morgan Chase - 1 Reply

Can anyone share how the Tuition reimbursement program works for graduate degrees in 2011 and beyond? I am curious if employees must work for 2 years...

Bluetea in Texas

Updated 76 months ago

Telling the Truth - 1 Reply

JP Morgan Chase executives should be in jail for fraud. I think the mofia would have learned many lessons from this group! It is a disgrace to this...

curious cat in Phoenix, Arizona

Veterans day job fair in phoenix

I recently went to a job fair in phoenix where they were hiring 310 positions. I ended up doing two interviews there and was told by the interviewer...

Twinkledinkle in Miami, Florida

Chase interview on Friday, no response yet!

Had a phone interview on Wed, then branch manager called and scheduled face to face with her on Friday at 10:30am. Had a great interview I thought....

Shaun in North Hollywood, California

What do you do when you leave your window for any length of time

What do you do when you leave your window for any length of time ?

FonzoR in San Diego, California

Still waiting for the second interview with the District Manager for PB

i apply for the pb position like a month ago, took the assesment, then got the call form the recruiter and talk to her for about 30 min, the same day...

jarrell1036 in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

help please

i have 2 misdemeanors from 16 years ago one was for possesion and one was for deprovation of property. i have a summery offence from 05 that was a...

Anonymous in Downey, California

Updated 77 months ago

Background Check. - 1 Reply

I applied for a LOAsst. in fresno but im worried about my background check. Ran into some trouble and had the conviction reduced to a misdemeanor. Is...

Waiting on a decision in Altamonte Springs, Florida

Interview Process & Questions about Regret Letters

I applied for a position back on 8/17, I was contacted by a recruiter on 9/27 (41 days later) and set up a phone interview for 9/30. That went well...

Upcoming Interview in Columbus, Ohio

JPMorgan Chase (ChaseWorks)

What is it like working for JPMorgan Chase as a Quality Assurance Processor in Columbus (Polaris), Ohio?

Natalie in Basingstoke, United Kingdom

Updated 79 months ago

Personal Banker Interview @ Chase - 8 Replies

Hi, I know how negatively people here view Chase and their management, but this thread is not about that. What should I expect at the...

Disgruntled Current Employee in Monroe Township, New Jersey

Updated 79 months ago

Employees Experiences at JPMC - 14 Replies

The next seven posts (sorry its so long) was my experience at JPMC. It was a letter written to JPMC HR with a little investigation but as I suspected...

Ryan in Portland, Oregon

Updated 80 months ago

Glad I didn't listen to the complainers. - 1 Reply

I've been a personal banker at Chase for about 5 months. Before I started the job, I looked over these forums and was a little bit skeptical but...

Happygirl in San Diego, California

Updated 80 months ago

Run Like The Wind... - 52 Replies

The hours are torturous, concern for employee welfare is non-existent and the UK dominated culture is elitist and offensive. Staffing is so lean (the...

Hasjic N NYC in Brooklyn, New York

Business Banker Compensation and Bonis

I am in process to start a new job at chase business banker position. I just need to know how the compensation and bonus works. is it true that I...

Jaewashere in Purdys, New York

Updated 81 months ago

Hello, in dire need of help - assesments and background checks - 1 Reply

I found this website searching for JP Morgan Chase and read a few things, mostly negative but it would be such better job than what I currently have...

Jaewashere in Purdys, New York

Updated 81 months ago

Background Checks w/Chase Bank - 1 Reply

Hi, I am completing paperwork for a position with Chase bank. One of the questions is about being convicted of a theft. I was convicted 15 years...

Jaewashere in Purdys, New York

Background Check

From everyone's experience with JPMorgan Chase do you think since I have had a misdemeanor on my record for insufficient funds dating back from 1992...

BeckyF in Houston, Texas

Thinking about being a Chase Personal Banker?

There are some things I wish I'd been told before I accepted this job. The branch manager and DM should have said this: 1. There are only 4...

lostoutonChase in New York, New York

Updated 82 months ago

JP Morgan Chase Credit Check - 2 Replies

I am aware that a lot of banks perform credit checks before hiring employees. Does anyone know if JP Morgan will refuse to hire someone based on bad...

jvaloff in Santa Ana, California

Updated 82 months ago

Do they do credit checks on all new hires? - 4 Replies

I need this job REAL bad. I have been made a contingent offer based on a thorough background &fingerprint. I will in no way pass a credit check. I...

jvaloff in Santa Ana, California

Updated 82 months ago


i'M writing this as a personal banker who is relatively new on the floor, as it were. I began at the end of July. I've always been intelligent,...

SB6 in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 82 months ago

How long after resume submission to get an interview? - 2 Replies

How long does it take to get an interview after submitting my resume? I submitted my resume a week ago and haven't gotten a call about it. Does it...

Pd_on1 in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 83 months ago

Need advice for interview with District Manager - 1 Reply

Compared to others it seems I have been through the recruiting process relatively quick. Had an interview at one branch Wednesday, they were very...

Kenji M in Oregon

credit check for 3 month contractor in overseas office?

My situation. I lived in the US in the past 10 years and recently moved back to Asia. While I was in the US, I worked for a couple of companies....

Pd_on1 in Midlothian, Illinois

Updated 83 months ago

Personal banker Assessment test - 1 Reply

i took the personal banker Assessment test three weeks ago, but i didnot know if i have passed the test or not, so can someone tell me where can i...

susan mariana in New yokr, New York

Updated 84 months ago

chase and background check - 3 Replies

hi there, i have been offered employment at chase but am kinda worried. i have a theft misdemanour which was dismissed and finally expunged. am still...

Candy A in Junction City, Oregon

Updated 84 months ago

Hiring Process? Does this sound promising?? - 5 Replies

I got a call from a recruiter saying I was a top candidate and that a offer was being worked on. When asked if I had the job she said to wait for her...

Art in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 84 months ago

Perosnal Banker - 21 Replies

Just wondering whats going on. I applied for a few PB positions @ Chase and each one of them I got turned down. And when I say turned down I don't...

Jan7211 in Anaheim, California

Updated 85 months ago

Chase Teller Position Questions - 1 Reply

for tellers do you need to have good math skills ? I have 4 years of experience with cash handling and customer service, (register in a retail store)...

Summer Back in Anderson, Indiana

Jp morgran chase teller

I applied two Fridays ago and had the over the phone interview and still haven't gotten a call from a manager about scheduling an interview. Has...

Summer Back in Anderson, Indiana

Updated 85 months ago

JPMC Teller position - 2 Replies

I applied for a teller position at a new branch opening near me on 8-14-10...I just got a e-mail reply back on 8-30-10 saying "We have received the...

nikki in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 85 months ago

The Questionnaire Rejected Me... - 3 Replies

I was just wondering if there was any way to redo the questionnaire. While trying to, I accidentally submitted my application. If the questionnaire...

rainbow in Norfolk, Virginia

Updated 85 months ago

teller position - 1 Reply

So I applied to a couple chase locations and i've had one interview with them and have another one tomororw and another one next week by reading...

Cinch in New York, New York

any suggestions

I recently received a call at 9pm est from a recruiter for am offer of a chase PB. she told me the salary and start date and I expressed interest and...

venus cruz in Long Beach, California

Updated 86 months ago

Hiring Process? Callback? Recruiter - 2 Replies

So, I applied for a job with Chase on 1/31 around midnight (so technically 2/1). I got a callback from a Recruiter in Columbus, Ohio the next day....

Mimi in Irvine, California

Personal Banker to SSA?

Has anyone asked to be moved from a PB at Chase to a Sales and Service Specialist? Could you tell me about your experience? What other jobs can I...

Harold536 in Arlington Heights, Illinois

Updated 86 months ago

Personal Banker. Hours? Work environment? Sales quotas? leads to call? Hopefully positive responses. - 3 Replies

Hello, I am curious as to the daily responsibilities as a personal banker. I am in the interviewing process and am curious as to what goes on in...


Updated 86 months ago

Chase Apparel??? - 2 Replies

I just accepted a position with JP Morgan Chase and I am really excited about the opportunity. Having said that, I am not looking forward to...

THH in Moorpark, California

Updated 86 months ago

Personal Banker Background Check - 1 Reply

What do Personal Banker background check consist of? Exactly what?

Fox13 in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania

Appraisal Reviewer Jobs

What is JP Morgan like to work for as a reviewer working remotely? What are the hours and pay?

Keepingitreal in Houston, Texas

Updated 87 months ago

Personal Banker jobs in NYC- What should I expect? - 1 Reply

I just got offered a personal bankers position in NYC at a "mega branch." What should I expect? My salary is $36k. I read a bunch of the negative...

herkxenab in Escondido, California

Updated 87 months ago

What type of drug testing does Chase do? - 4 Replies

Is it the standrad 5 panel drug test? Please let me know asap, and only people who have taken the drug test!

anonymous in Anaheim, California

Teller Recruiting Center

I took the assessment test and got an email saying to call the Teller Recruiting Center, because they have reviewed my resume and application and...

Valenzjay in Manteca, California

Chase Personal Banker Position

So I applied for a personal banker position at my local branch on 01/17/10. I was told they were goin to be opening another branch in my city as well...

gowe in Palm Harbor, Florida

Chase Website

The Chase website won't accept my user name or password(which I know is recent & correct). When one is selected that you "forgot", it doesn't...

charlesr4 in Santa Monica, California

Updated 88 months ago

Loan officer assistant compensation - 1 Reply

Is there anyone out there with knowledge of normal base pay and bonus potential for LO assistants? I'm waiting to hear back from an interview an...

Tina Hammnod in Orlando, Florida

Updated 89 months ago

Chase Telephone Banking- call center - 4 Replies

So I have been reading through the chase questions, and not a lot of it is positive. Well I work for chase as a telephone banker and I am 20 years...

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