Leaving the bank, want to stay on good terms...

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lawnarjax in Jacksonville, Florida

66 months ago

I have just accepted an offer from BOA for an advancement in my career and a healthy salary increase. After 5 years with the bank I have no hard feelings, it was a great learning experience and I advanced my career beyond my expectations. I want to be sure that I remain eligible for rehire. I have a great relationship with my boss, and have performed above average for my tenure here. I begin my new job on Jan 2nd, so I have about 6 weeks to kill. I am in a pretty high volume/high risk area of the business related to litigation, and we are drowning already. Keeping in mind that I want to stay on good terms, and remain eligible for rehire, how much notice should I give them?

I think that 2 weeks is too little, it will leave my team in a bind. On the other hand 6 weeks seems like a long time. Is 4 weeks a good compromise? I am pretty confident that they won't try and push me out the door right away, too much risk in that move. Thoughts?

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Joe Gagill in Monticello, New York

66 months ago

Wouldn't your current employer know already that your leaving since the new employer called to verify your employment there???

If you are absolutely sure you have the new job then whatever you choose is ok. But get this, you owe nothing to your soon to be old employer. They would get rid of you in a heart beat if they needed/wanted to.

Personally I would want 2 weeks off before starting any new gig.

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