Pennies From Heaven It Ain't

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Righteous Sister in Lewisville, Texas

72 months ago

Worked at Penney's headquarters for a year contract. It was one of the most unethical experiences in my career. First of all, I am black and there is subtle racism. All the people in positions of importance are white females in their prime--late 20s to early 30s. Not one manager of color. I was hired on to be a creative writer. I did that very well with no problem my 1st 6 months. Then they switched around departments and it was a nightmare: awful manager who was critical, controlling. Couldn't do anything up to her standards and everyone else hated her too! But when I asked to moved back to my original job, they said no. Then my "contract ended." They basically fired me for not performing a job that they didn't hire me to do in the first place! Will never shop there again and neither will my family or friends. Stay away from this corrupt institution!


HAPPY TO BE GONE in Birmingham, Alabama

71 months ago

IKR, but it use to be a place you would enjoy working at. But now I would not want any relative of mine working there. You don't get hire for your ability to do the job, it's who you know (THE STORE MANAGER),they can create jobs that you didn't know exist. They bring them in making more money then ones that have been there 15 to 20 years. I have seen some that retired assoc leave and don't even get a cake.


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