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Joyce_ew99 in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 101 months ago

Logistic Coordinator- Looking for information on getting back to work in Iraq - 8 Replies

I have worked in Iraq for 3 years for KBR. I started out as a Generator Mechanic, worked as Adm Assisstant, dispatcher, Sr. Dispatcher, Logistics...

Chris Stillman in Houston, Texas

Updated 101 months ago


Hi, My name is Chris Stillman. I have noticed that journee jones on here is very knowledgeable and I had a question. I am currently takling with a...

DJ32611 in Prairie View, Texas

Updated 101 months ago

KBR Interview Questions. - 10 Replies

It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview...

Daniel Ray Anderson in indianola, Mississippi


i am a otr truck driver. how do i apply for a job with KBR?

Ksniper777 in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 101 months ago

sf85p - 1 Reply

KBR is now making all new hires fill out a sf85p can anyone tell me ther eexperience with this form also will credit be an issue i had a failed...

mani ali in Kingman, Arizona

Updated 102 months ago

Failed background check ?? - 2 Replies

I recently had my background check for a Job at KBR. it came back ok except I didn't pass the 2nd part. i got a letter from TransUnion stating i had...

Bushmaster in South Carolina

Updated 102 months ago

A little help please - 1 Reply

Hi my dad just started working for KBR and had a few questions about the whole direct deposit thing. 1) When does the direct deposit actually go...

scotty muncey in laporte, Texas

kbr resume

I have applied to over 200 jobs as a mechanic at kbr,aecom,urs and dyncorp and havn't got a call. Can someone please take a look at my resume and...

TIMiB in Brighton, United Kingdom

Updated 102 months ago

Foreign nationals - Who’s getting hired? - Who’s not - 2 Replies

I have been applying for a plumbing position with KBR for about four weeks now, with no luck just after a friend of mine from the UK got hired as a...

Friend to the South in Houston, Texas

Updated 103 months ago

Does KBR hire Canadians for work in Iraq/Afghanistan - 1 Reply

Hello everyone, I was hoping someone would be kind enough to tell me how to get a job overseas with KBR. I am from Vancouver, BC, Canada. I am a...

graefboy in lodi, California

getting hired by kbr

i have been applying at kbr and dynacorp also jobs overseas i have 10 years of plumbing under my belt i am 32 is there anything else i can do to get...

wantsagoodjob in KC, Missouri

Employee Benefits for Admin. Assistant in US

Does anyone know what types of benefits KBR offers to someone working in an administrative capacity in the US? Or does this vary by location? I'm...

Ahamed Shaju Puthiya in Doha, Qatar

Updated 103 months ago


Has anyone been downrange, and worked as a logistics coordinator? If so how was it?

HenryWheat in Birmingham, Alabama

Supplies for your first trip

For those of you who have loved ones overseas, or have been there yourself: Does anyone have a list of items to bring with you on your first trip...

abdulshaw1 in Killeen, Texas

To Journee jones

I have applied to kbr.com but to no avail, I am a recently discharged veteran and am trying to get on with Kbr overseas, can you help? my name is...

dono in Bixby, Oklahoma

Updated 103 months ago

Resume - 4 Replies

What is the best way to put together a resume to catch a recruiters eye? I have twenty years experience as a heavy truck mechanic but can't get...

heather78 in Vancouver, Washington

KBR Open House

I forgot to add my email address heather78renee@yahoo.com

kmabury in Fayette, Alabama

Updated 104 months ago

Afghanistant Logistics/ Supply Positions - 1 Reply

Curious to know if there are any opportunities open for Afghanistan in logistics. I do have 3 years of military experience in company supply...

joe90 in cambridgeshire, United Kingdom


Do any of these companys employ UK plumbers,if so can someone please point me in the right direction.thanks Joe

Jeff 5 in Southlake, Texas

Updated 104 months ago

Help Me - 1 Reply

KBR needs me. Who do I need to talk to???

AlphaFemale1 in Savannah, Georgia


Do anyone know which of the overseas companies are looking for Wastewater Tech? I know KBR is looking but my BMI is 41. and even though I am working...

Shockcor in Columbus, Ohio

How to rehire for KBR

Anyone know a recruiter? Benn over to Iraq , came home and want to be re-hired, just cant get ahold of anyone . Need employment.

biffendoll in Brighton, United Kingdom

Updated 104 months ago

working for kbr in afghanistan - 3 Replies

Hi everybody, im currently scheduled to arrive in houston for processing on sun 8th of nov. Just wanted to know if anyone could give me any more info...

speedy1 in Portland, Oregon

Background checks

Can any one tell me what would warrent me from getting a job with KBR overseas as far as aresst records go? any info would be great thank you

kodiak570 in Houston, Texas

Updated 104 months ago

Jobs with KBR - 3 Replies

I know a few people have already asked these questions, months ago. I need to know how to reachsomeone to speak with. Are there any things that would...

Eric Mccarthy in Dublin, Ireland

Confirmed Job Offer

Has anyone from outside of the USA been offered and had their job confirmed from KBR in the last few weeks. I was told to be ready to deploy last...

hellvixen in United Kingdom

Updated 104 months ago

Carpenter positions - 3 Replies

Hi im matt 26yr old fully qualified carpenter from scotland,been applying 4 loads of jobs on kbr's website but 2 no avail does any1 have any...

hellvixen in United Kingdom

Updated 104 months ago

Electrician Going to Texas (Houston) on the 5th july - Any Information regarding on Iraq would be Much Appreciated - 32 Replies

Hi my names Paul Hamill im a 23yr old electrician from Scotland in the UK, im set to fly out to texas on 5th july for processing then onto dubai then...

whatsthegreenwirefor in Navarre, Florida

Updated 104 months ago

Experienced Heavy Driver/Mech looking for a JOB - 1 Reply

Hi Everybody Just like alot of folks I am presently unemployed and am in need of a job. I am a veteran (cold war era) am 43yrs old physically fit...

jimmy smith in Decatur, Illinois

Updated 104 months ago

Airlines..... - 3 Replies

Can someone tell me which are the best airlines to use, to fly home for R&R, from Iraq? Thanks!

Ksniper777 in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 104 months ago

Husband applied, Wife has questions!! - 33 Replies

I'm sorry if these are repeats, just trying to get up to date information! My husband applied through the KBR website. There are over 100 Journey...

Wind Star in Hockley, Texas


i'm trying to find a recruiter for kbr that i can get in contact with. does anyone know how i can do this? if you have info on this subject please...

myfairjuliet in McKinney, Texas

Updated 105 months ago

Houston For Processing - 116 Replies

hey amy

MISS N HIM in Texas

Updated 105 months ago

Physical - 2 Replies

What is the like? What questions do they ask you?

Ksniper777 in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 105 months ago

About the Balkan's employee salary ? - 16 Replies

I belive everyone here knows about the sallary that the balkan's employee get's so aint a secret that a guy from US for a Food service worker takes...

Gabriele in Troy, Montana

Updated 105 months ago

KBR Resumes? - 1 Reply

I am trying to create a resume for a friend whos been in the military for many years and deployed twice. He's applying for a position with KBR and...

Rob_electrician in Kissimmee, Florida

Updated 105 months ago

Hotel Stay while in Houston - 4 Replies

I'm flying in to Houston on Oct. 4, just wondering what kind of hotel arrangements KBR provides. Also, after training and classes each day, does...

alcoa in greenville, South Carolina

Updated 105 months ago

Leaving on the 11th - have questions - please help - 24 Replies

Husband leaves on the 11th for Houston - final goal is Iraq. I'm going blind trying to find answers to these question in the 56 thousand + messages...

Mama Vaughan in Dallas, Texas

Flights out of Houston

My son is flying out of Houston on October 19th. Can anyone confirm if it is Bush Inter.Continental and what airlines KBR uses. I desperately want...

decmck in Cookstown, United Kingdom

Updated 105 months ago

Visa Problems - 2 Replies

Has anyone heard anything about Visa problems for people outside of the USA? any info would be great. Thanks in advance

warpdriver in Orlando, Florida

wastewater treatment plant

hey guys who know about the wastewater positions in IRAQ any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.

Ksniper777 in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 105 months ago

Going to Houston for Processing on October 12 - 10 Replies

Anyone who is going to Houston for processing on October 12 please feel free to leave a comment. Thank you

AGUISON4 in Magnolia, Texas

Updated 105 months ago

Anyone scheduled to go to Houston on Oct 4 - 7 Replies

I am scheduled to leave on oct 4th to start processing in houston on the 5th if my background check comes back in time just wondering who might be...

Mick McKee in Ontario, New York

Updated 105 months ago

How to get hired / I am an Itt - 4 Replies

Hello, For the last 5 months I have been trying to get on board with KBR. My friend works for KBR for the last 9 months and he has been trying to...

Koko Wilson in Florida

Updated 105 months ago

flight news - 2 Replies

any news on the flights that went out on saturday from Tikrit to Baghdad and is there a hold up at the BTC for Dubai still have not heard...

Koko Wilson in Florida

Updated 105 months ago

help - 7 Replies

don't know where to go to ask ? and get answers

Loomy in Salem, New Hampshire

Work for KBR

Can any one fill me in on what the pay is for electrician in logcap is? The other question i had was my friend works for KBR for about ten years I...

WFC in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Updated 105 months ago

KBR Layoffs - 2 Replies

Does anyone know about the recent layoffs with KBR? When, how many......? Are they sending current employees to Afghanistan?

alcoa in greenville, South Carolina

Updated 105 months ago

She told me to get passport. I did, now the job is no longer posted. - 4 Replies

I was contacted by a recruiter 10 days ago. I did the phone conference the next day and she contacted me again a day after that. She told me to go...

Dirk McDougal in Rome, Georgia

Updated 105 months ago

Health Qualifications - 1 Reply

I am in the process of getting a job to go to Afgghanistan. I noticed that sleep apnea with a cpap machine dq's you. When I was a soldier I knew of...

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