Plumber position with KBR

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debg in Roseville, California

113 months ago

Goodday to all this is my first time writing to everybody. I have been reading the forum for about a week and it's nice to see all the support you give one another. My husband applied for a Plumbing position Thursday with KBR and received an email back from a recruiter in less than 24 hours. He responded back Friday night letting her know that he would like to receive more information about the job. Does anyone know how long it takes from them to get back to you after the first email? I also am wondering if anyone knows about the pay scale? It seems to me everybody it paid differently with a base pay and an uplift. Also do they always get R&R every four months?


Melinda Pearson in Woodstock, Georgia

113 months ago

My husband is in Baghdad. He has been there for almost a year now. He is an HVAC Foreman. Baghdad has an uplift of 75%. That means the first 160 hours per month are paid at a regular hourly rate plus 75% added. The balance of say 240 hours (most of the guys work atleast 100 hours per week) are paid at the normal base rate - no uplift.

They get R & R every 120 days. The R & R is paid at 40 hours regular hours with no uplift. Basically they get paid about $700 per week while they are on R & R.

The process for my husband took about 3 weeks after he started speaking with a recruiter. It was pretty fast. But I am told it depends on the position and how badly that position is needed. Plumbing and Electrical is in need of help pretty bad right now.

Hope this helps.....


Jacobus in Pretoria, South Africa

98 months ago

I have been a plumber for 14+ years. I am now urgently looking for a job in Iraq. I have been to all the internet sites that you can possibly imagine. I am very, very desperate. Can anyone give me eny advice? Thanks so much!!


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