Lockheed Martin Next interview Step?

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cutecookie in Dallas, Texas

110 months ago

Can anyone please inform me with what usually happens when one passes the 1st phone screen with the reputable Lockheed Martin, then gets a second prolonged phone screen conference-call with several managers, after which I got documents (work history and experience probably for a background check) to fill by email and/or fax?

What usually happens at such a phase and where do I stand right now? Am I actually going to get an offer? (even when I haven't met anyone) or am going to get an office visit screening?

If you relate to what I am going through out of experience going through something similar, or if someone works there)

Thank you soooo much!
Btw I just graduated with my degree and have some technology related experience although not very profound and applying to the Texas Fort Worth office.

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btran in Palo Alto, California

110 months ago

You got a second phone screen interview with several managers and received documents to fill by email which is really good. Lockheed Martin HR will review your application do a little background check and you can expected on of the followings.

1) If Lockheed Martin have determined after your interview that you are a good candidate. They will call you and offer you the position. This has happened to me once out of my 3 interviews. There is a good chance that this can happen to you since your conference call is with a bunch of managers. It's really depends on how well you did on that second interview.

2) They might decided that they want to call you in for an on site interview. If they do call you in for an interview they have already wanted to hire you. They just need to see you in person and make sure that you are as they expected. Be sure to be honest in your answers. Show them that you are a great team player and excited about the possibility of working at Lockheed Martin.

3) They might interview other candidates and decided that someone else is more suitable for the position so they won't offer you a position or call you in for another interview.

If you get accepted to Lockheed Martin and want to know what the working environment is like, you can follow the link below and read about my experience working at Lockheed Martin.


Good luck!

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