What's the company culture at M&T Bank?

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Every business has it's own style. What is the office environment and culture like at M&T Bank?

Are people dressed in business casual, jeans and t-shirts, or full-on suits? Do folks get together for Friday happy hours and friendly get-togethers?

What is a typical day in the life of an employee at M&T Bank?


Farrah from Maryland

133 months ago

M & T requires you to look your best!! There is NO business casual at all. No company t-shirts on Saturdays,but the men do not have to wear a tie that day. The ladies usually will wear khaki/chino type pants/skirts on Saturdays only.
In my branch no one gets together after work. Everyone has their own separate life...it's a little sad actually. Customers bring us a lot of treats as we are near lot's of eateries...and when staff visits these places they get the food for free. I personally think they {employees} are taking advantage. When the customers drive up or leave the branch the tellers show their claws and talk about the customers...it is sad actually. One male teller ogels the female customers, makes raunchy "coded" comments that borders on harrassment. All transactions are blurted out loudly...NO confidentiality.I am happy with the branch work hours, plus I am over 40years so I don't want to move 'round from job to job.If I was younger I would move to a different branch...but I have seen all this drama before so I'll just stay where I am.I feel indifferent. I feel M&T staff is NOT well trained AT ALL.Skills need to be improved. Co-worker relationships need to be strengthned and that comes from management. Have managers that care about their jobs. Hire employees that WANT to work!! oops...I think I am in the wrong forum for my gripes. Sorry.


BLECH! in Buffalo, New York

132 months ago

Corporate position are actually slightly different in the requirements of dress code. However, after working there in a well-paying position, I soon discovered that selecting what you need to wear to work won't be your most difficult problems. Aside from having mission critical systems with lapsed service agreements, their technology is lacking behind even the most of frugal companines. Their policies for dealing with technical problems is an absolute joke, where they hold people who are responsible for supporting these systems at no responsibility to even attempt to be able to be contacted off-hours. This results is many applications being unavailable in the mornings and results in utter chaos during these times.

M&T doesn't hold their people accountable for their job knowledge and promotes many people based on tenure, rather than merit. Flawed phylosophy and a lack or direction by upper management make this an interesting place to work to say the LEAST.

The pay rates are somewhat lower than like positions elsewhere and raises are only pennies on the dollar. Yearly reviews make no sense either. You are judged on a scale of how well you do your job, but subsequent years are based on past performance. So, when you are doing everything you can possibly do in your job, are doing everyone else's jobs as well, making no mistakes and basically being a superworker, you will still NOT receive their highest ranking on the review. It is likened to that of not only doing your job, but every manager's job above you too. Still, you could do more to improve yourself. As a reveiwing manager, they don't give out their highest marks because I was told, we don;t give them out.

My best advice is that if you are desperate for work, work there. Mind your own business, don't get involved with anything other than what is assgined to you. Do your job, collect your paycheck,go home. Most importantly, keep looking for a position outside that company while you work ther


XXX in Baltimore, Maryland

130 months ago

M&T need to work on relationship between Mgmnt and employees and dont tell lies about employees in order to terminate them. They shoouldn't make "Plots" about an employee.



122 months ago

XXX in Baltimore, Maryland said: M&T need to work on relationship between Mgmnt and employees and dont tell lies about employees in order to terminate them. They shoouldn't make "Plots" about an employee.

M&T is a great employer. One of their team values states "Discourage gossip, defend the absent." I would love to hear what happened.


Sal in Pasadena, Maryland

107 months ago

M&T has many talented employees, however they do not tap into their employees as a resource for innovation and leadership. The culture is that decisions and innovation can only come from HQ in Buffalo. They also need to embrace change and new technology.


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