Massage Envy Interview Questions.

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Not Important in Saint Louis, Missouri

133 months ago

Interview questions? Do you have a massage license?? You're hired!! We had a girl come in the other day that didn't know how to adjust a normal massage table!!! Guess What- she got the job!!


elsewhere in Burbank, California

132 months ago

Nik in Port Saint Lucie, Florida said: Thank You for responding to my call.......
I grew up on an Island that served the children and adults with massages, it was a part of what the families did for each other........ How in Corperate America do we introduce the same experience!!!!!!

How in the world can you equate what you experienced on an island with what Massage Envy is doing? That's a leap of logic that is stunning. You are talking about mutual touch for health within a unique island community. Massage Envy is about mass marketing and corporate controlling of touch as a "commodity" for corporate profit. They don't have the same philosophy as your island community. If they did they'd be doing it for free right?

I have been a massage therapist for 25 years. Massage has always been around with massage available to all at varying prices and that's a stone cold fact. People like us have worked hard to raise awareness about it and now comes a company that seeks to "cash in" and in the process overwork and underpay the very people that made this as popular as it is. To attach motives of "goodwill" to their business model is a stunning disavowal of reality. Here's the truth, correct me if I'm wrong here, Massage Envy is not offering the "same experience" you had on your island. You want to help families? Support independent contractors of therapeutic touch so that they don't have to become wage slaves for ME.


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