Avoid MLCC (mortgage company) try working for Merrill Lynch proper

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ML employee in Jacksonville, Florida

132 months ago

Merrill is a great place to work but avoid MLCC(the mortgage company). Definately not a profesional environment. I've been with Merrill for 7 years. went to work for them and had to run back to Merrill Lynch. The managers and supervisors have no respect for the individual speak to you in any manner. Try finding a job with Merrill Lynch, great place to work. I would drop names but that would not be nice, just avoid MLCC.


BL in Tucson

131 months ago

I worked at ML in NYC for nine years. Things were fine and then a couple of guys took over our department and ran it into the ground. So I moved on.

"Respect for the individual" - that is one of the five tenets ML trumpets but it's not something they feel is necessary to live by when it comes to their own employees. At least that was my experience at the end.


ML employee in Jax, Fl in Jacksonville, Florida

129 months ago

It's great to see that you made it clear that you were referring to MLCC and not Merrill Lynch proper. I work in building 3 in jax and MLCC is on the 5th floor. I've heard similar horror stories from employees who worked in their Secondary marketing dept. I'm not sure if it's fair to brand the entire company because on one dept., but they have had quite a few employees quit. I guess you were one who was able to stay with Merrill.


deedee bar in Jacksonville, Florida

120 months ago

I wish I had visited this site before going to work at MLCC. I spent 3 months in secondary marketing before leaving for a better work environment. To be professional I’ll omit names but that entire department needs to be overhauled. Absolutely no respect is given there, how do they continue to use the Merrill Lynch name? It wasn't until I told folks from another department that was leaving that I was told of the other awful stories of folks who had left. Makes me wonder why HR has not noticed a trend. Anyway, I’ve moved on, just avoid MLCC and especially the Secondary Marketing dept.


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