Micro Center Interview Questions.

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It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview process like at Micro Center?

Any advice on striking the right note?


anonymous in Laurel, Maryland

75 months ago

I've been to two interviews(seperate stores) for microcenter, althought I never get the job I do have some insite in microcenter. I remember the second group interview(yes, its a group interview so your going to be handed the ol' "we'll give you a call" excuse) because their were opening a new store in town. During this group interview, I've taken some small note about what I've been told about microcenter in general. I can't really explain it all because this was one year ago and the notes are just key reminders I've put on my BlackBerry.

- Computer Literally
- Read
- Wonder-lick?(NFL Players take it suppostly)


Since 1979(First computer store in the US)
Columbus, Ohio
The founder of Microcenter is a former Radio Shack
According to consumer, never had a "Bad year"
The manerger will shake a hand of a customer when they by a computers
"I would never sell anything with a fruit on the name" -
The Difference with the Apple stores and Microcenter's Apple stores.
Type of Buisness - independent

Microcenter's only Marketing strategy; Direct mail. No T.V., No banners, Just mail

Consumer section:
Apple shop
PC shop
Computer department
General shop

No investment; all business loans

Annual sales vaule
28 million- Best buy
60 million- Walmart
40 million- Microcenter


Layers of employment, 6-8

The Gear consumer strategy
1. Take Care of Customers
2. Take Care of the Merchandise
3. Take Care of the store
4. Grow yourself and those around you

Maybe the microcenter employees will understand what I've just wrote down seeing that they've landed the job and I didn't. Martell Lucus and Scott Mayhugh were my interviewers at this time. I hope this information can help.


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