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What do you think -- is this company going to survive and thrive? Are they looking to expand their staff, or do you think layoffs are inevitable?

How does Nash Finch stack up against the competition?

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hastalabye-bye in Saint Paul, Minnesota

132 months ago

After working at Nash, I can safely say "pack your bags and keep them packed, kids". In the past 2 years, Nash has had two CEOs, and more executive-level turnover than would be acceptable over 5 years.
Leadership? Consistancy? Direction? Integrity? HA! None of these apply to Nash Finch. They use the motto "Our Family" which is based on their brand... Well, Nash ain't exactly like "The Waltons".
You can bet you'll keep your job as long as you play ball, be a sheep (not an independent thinker), turn the other way when you see things wrong, and make sure you make your quotas- so your boss will get his enormous bonus. Oh, but you won't see any extra ching... you'll work for peanuts, doing the work of 4 people because Nash refuses to adequately staff their ranks, and continues to use antiquated equipment. Their reason? Budget problems. However, they can afford to build new and remodel old stores, fly their corporate jet all over the country, pay for non-essential training courses for upper level management employees who have no use for it, pay for vacations for the execs, and give out bonuses that reach 6 figures. They continue to drastically cut hours on the store level, while still expecting "world class" performance... good planning.

Nash may survive for the time being, but they WILL go down. They are so behind the times, it is inevitable. So, if you are looking at applying to Nash, keep looking. Don't waste your time, don't waste your energy, don't waste valuable time in your career.

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