How to get a job at New York Liquidation Bureau.

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Do you work at New York Liquidation Bureau? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview?

Any advice for someone trying to get in?


Princess Fiona in New York, New York

112 months ago

Like many NYLB employees, I got my job when the insurance company I worked for went out of business. Nowadays you get your job at the Bureau by being political ... I mean you gotta know somebody ... and that somebody is Spitzer or somebody who can push Mark Peters closer to being the Brooklyn DA.

In the past the Bureau was run by 3 people, now its run by at least 12 people ... making upwards of 6 figures (that's alot more than what the previous administrations got). And its a big jump in pay for all these guys from what they were making at Spitzer's AGs office. That's right ... they all came from the same place plus another dozen or so who are not "in charge" but are also getting the big bucks since they arrived from the AG's office to .... its all about who you know ... and its gotta be Client No. 9.

To add insult to injury, these posturing, holier-than-thou political light weights stomp around the office demanding "I want what I want and I want it know" but the truth is they don't even know what the Bureau is & how it operates.

I've heard the big guy "in charge" call the Bureau an insurance company, a collection agency, a trust and even a law firm but they're the only ones with law degrees .... the Bureau is none of those things. If they bothered to ask anyone who has been here longer than them (we have a lot of people up here with plenty of institutional knowledge ... 15+ years)- they might get a clue but they are too busy hiring each other & their friends and doling out work to over-priced consultants ... who live in their neighborhoods and share their houses on Fire Island.

So ... you want a job at the Bureau ... promise Peters you'll get his name and picture in the paper and he'll create a division for you .... he's done it more than a couple of times before and I'm sure he'll be glad to do it again.


gadncd in new york, New York

112 months ago

I thing that Princess Fiona is someone who does not get her way so she can sleep and lazily not do her work. In this day and age, working hard and accomplishing something for the benefit of people is a rewarding job. Those that work hard get rewarded and those that do not get squat. So try working Fiona and your toon can change. By the way, I was hired, not given a job. What I got I earned and I do my job the right way. Some sweat, some brains, and some honesty.


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