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Updated 6 hours ago

How to get a job at Norfolk Southern. - 210 Replies

[QUOTE who="Casey jones in Warner Robins, Georgia"]It's been about a month since I applied for the conductor position in Macon, ga. Still no call or...


Updated 1 day ago

Training in GA for conductor, what do we expect? - 2093 Replies

[QUOTE who="ashtonlea in New York, New York"]When was your portal changed to “Hired”?[/QUOTE] Mid April


Intern Drug Screening

I'm curious about what kind of pre-employment drug screen NS does for intern positions. I looks like they do hair tests for the majority of full time...


Intern Drug Screen

I'm curious about what kind of drug screen NS does for intern positions. It look like they do hair tests for the majority of full time positions, but...


Updated 1 month ago

norfolk southern - pre employment screen - 2 Replies

Curious. How soon after you accept an offer from NS do you have to complete the background check, physical and drug test?

Richard in Stockbridge, Georgia

Updated 1 month ago

Norfolk Southern Interview Questions. - 3 Replies

It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview...


Updated 2 months ago

August conductor training - 23 Replies

Anyone takin on training August 3rd?

Anonymous in Akron, Ohio

Updated 4 months ago

Norfolk southern rail road - 1 Reply

What is the drug testing like do they pull hair ? Or just pee in a cup... also will a special deplma work ? I am not "special needs" I had a hard...

dhurdv in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Updated 5 months ago

Management Trainee Program - 1038 Replies

Has anyone ever participated in the Norfolk Southern Management Trainee Program? If so, what is it like? How much do they offer for relocation...

Otptoo in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 8 months ago

How much do central yard operations clerk for Norfolk southern make starting off? - 7 Replies

I am currently applying for this position and would like to know how much they start off at for this position. Thanks everyone for your time!

Otptoo in Atlanta, Georgia

Operations and Services Support Representative - Atlanta

Does anyone know what the hourly wage is for this position? I've heard rumors that this department has issues. Is that true? Are there too many...

Auto Repair in Bloomfield, Connecticut

Updated 8 months ago

Training for Freight car repair. - 1 Reply

Does anyone know when training classes for freight car repair start. Does anyone know how the training is for freight car repair.

Gayyle in Newark, New Jersey


Need to hire a professional hacker? Have you been hacked? Need to recover your stolen password? Want to monitor your kids,wife/husband,girlfriend/boyf...

CornBlck in Montgomery, Alabama


I have to take the test this Tuesday 7-2517 in Birmingham Al is the test easy or is it hard also what it's based on in Bloomfield, Connecticut

Updated 10 months ago

Launch x431 Diagun does have many useful features - 2 Replies

As we all know,Launch X431 adopts open diagnostic technology, which is the most advanced in the world as well as the future of automotive...

saleens330 in Macon, Georgia

Updated 14 months ago


I started in McDonough last year on July 13th. I made it through training down there and went to my home terminal in Toledo, OH. We trained there...

TheBlake in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 14 months ago

Conductor Hiring Session - 1 Reply

So, I received an email from a guy in Norfolk Southern H.R. email invited me to a hiring session in a few days in Roanoke, V.A. Just really looking...

Mister B in Skokie, Illinois

Understanding railroads as a worker

In my RR job search, I have had many questions about employee/manager relations, rules, unions, etc. I found this site very educational....

MisterB in Skokie, Illinois

Updated 18 months ago

Peru hiring event - should I attend if already applied online? - 6 Replies

I'm thinking of driving down to Peru for a NS "Open" Hiring event that was advertised on Facebook recently (J. D. Santucci ). It's about 3 hours from...

MisterB in Skokie, Illinois

Updated 18 months ago

Youngstown, oh yard - 1 Reply

Start conductor training August 3rd for the Youngstown yard. Anyone want to give any insight on how Youngstown is? I'm hoping to stay busy and not be...

MisterB in Skokie, Illinois

Why so many NS conductor openings?

I was curious why there are so many conductor openings at the NS jobs website when I've been reading that Class 1 railroads are experiencing...

MisterB in Skokie, Illinois

Any railroad conductors or engineers living in RVs?

Do you or anyone you know that is an engineer or conductor who lives in an RV (presumably a Class B type)? I was especially curious because it seems...

nick in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 29 months ago

NS - 1 Reply

Hey I've currently done done an interview with Norfolk southern for the conductor position and have completed my background check and physical. I...


Application process

I am curious as to how much longer I'll be waiting to hear back. I had my interview back in middle of august passed drug screening and medical...

Lukegage in Genoa, Ohio

Am I tested for nicotine in the drug test?

I casually use a vaporizer to smoke liquid with light amounts of nicotine in it. I am worried that this will disqualify me from being hired. Is...

Ruby Slippers in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 33 months ago

what do they want in a person - 5 Replies

they do not know what they want it's like they toy with you and play games? i wish they would just come out and say what they want in a person so the...

EB in Short Hills, New Jersey

Railroad Work-Life Balance

This topic is not directed particularly at NS, but to railroads in general. Why can't the work-life balance for train crews be improved? Why can't...

Tobyius in Tifton, Georgia

Trying to get hired

I have applied for positions but never got a email! I'm looking for anyone help! Please thanks

R4p7M9b5 in Roanoke, Virginia

Updated 47 months ago

railroad jobs - 3 Replies

looking for afreash start

Dstevens93 in Jacksonville, Florida

Conductor in Jacksonville, FL.

I'm looking at the job description for the conductor position in Jacksonville, FL and I'm seeing that once you reach full pay you can expect to make...

Shwill in Waxhaw, North Carolina

Updated 50 months ago

Conductor in Columbia, SC - 1 Reply

Anyone know what it is like to be a conductor in Columbia, SC? OR any information at all.

Peter Piper Helpe in Norfolk, Virginia

Updated 53 months ago

What is NS looking for - 4 Replies

I have re-submitted my resume and application several time through the NS web site for a conductors position in the Atlanta area. Approximately two...

Peter Piper Helpe in Norfolk, Virginia

Updated 53 months ago

After interview - 1 Reply

I recently interviewed with NS for the position of police communication officer and I was told during the interview they would decide in two weeks....

CE in State College, Pennsylvania

Updated 55 months ago

Summer Internship - Flying in for Interview - 2 Replies

I am an Engineering student at WVU and have never had an internship before. After having a pleasing interview with Norfolk Southern at a recent...

dvd5066 in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania

Thoroughbred Direct to NS

I have a question. If I were to work for Thoroughbred Direct in Plymouth Meeting, would less increase my chances of getting into Norfolk Southern,...


Norfolk Southern Dispatcher - Atlanta

Just curious if anyone out there is headed to the Norfolk Southern Dispatcher hiring session in Atlanta on Wednesday, August 17th, 2011. I have been...

riskinron9 in Philipsburg, Pennsylvania

Pre employment test

Where do I find info on the pre employment test for Locomotive painter? Or where do I find sample test??

jaw2808 in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Updated 77 months ago

NS Conductor School in Georgia - 2 Replies

I live in upstate NY. Have basically no money to get to Ga for the conductor school. What do suggest? What would be the cheapest way? Do I need to...

natarrab in Montgomery, Alabama

Updated 79 months ago

Fall 2011 Management Trainee - Auburn - 7 Replies

I was invited to attend the Career Day in Birmingham, AL next week. What about the process can ahyone let me know. Is there anything I can study to...

goodgalnatl in Atlanta, Georgia

Operational Yard Clerk - Atl

I attended the hiring session in Atlanta this week. Ive read the responses about answering the questions on the assessment as fast as you can. Would...

Ron in Ballwin, Missouri

Louisville KY

I was told that there is some openings in Louisville KY, does anyone know how the event works? Do you have to be called to attend it or is it just...

Derekfitness in Olathe, Kansas

Updated 88 months ago

management trainee - 1 Reply

what are the sessions like ill be at the one march 9-10 in atl. is there anyone else going and what did you apply for


Updated 90 months ago

dont waste your time - 1 Reply


bobby in Hillsboro, Ohio

Updated 94 months ago

the "6-12 week training program"? - 1 Reply

Does anyone have any information about the "comprehensive training program" in McDonough? I'm considering applying for the Electrician position, but...

ferroequinologist in Duquesne, Pennsylvania

acknowledgement of application

I applied for a conductor's position about three weeks ago and have not received an email acknowledgement of my application. I also left a message...

hawkman in Saint Louis, Missouri

signal trainee for northfolk southern

What is in the interview for a signal trainee for northfolk southern.

toogoodforya in Brandon, Mississippi

Updated 103 months ago

How to get a IT (Information technology job) at Norfolks - 1 Reply

Hi, I am planning to apply in IT (INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY).Can some body share thier experiences about the process including interviews and salaries...

iawright in Atlanta, Georgia

Revenue Accounting Trainee

Can anyone provide any feed back on the Revenue Accounting Trainee Position? Has anyone interviewed or started the training? Thanks

sticker in Mishawaka, Indiana

when do you take your physical and drug testing for ops manager

where in the process is the physical can ahyone let me know

NoNamesAvailable in Norfolk, Virginia

Great Resume... No Interview! Overqualified

I have a friend who was a British Naval Supply Officer for 10 years and then got an MBA at a world-ranked university. He's taken a few years off to...

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