Background check

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Amateur User in Rapid City, South Dakota

97 months ago

I have a question about background check. for example if someone has been arrested and the charges have been dropped later on, could this be one of the deciding factors for getting an employment offer assuming every other aspect went great?


TekkieGRL in Millersville, Maryland

63 months ago

No, they won't see arrests, just convictions.


Just A Guy in Henderson, North Carolina

5 months ago

False, they see arrests and I had an offer that was sat on for nearly 3 months and was 2 days from starting and NG came back and said no even though I essentially had a clean record, the company they used pulled up charges from about a decade before from a drunk neighbor of mine and they had gotten dismissed but I am treated as if I am the worst of scum for stuff I was proven innocent of.


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