Job offer conditional on contract award. Need advice.

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Twiddle in Alhambra, California

96 months ago

I have a formal and written offer for a NG position but the position is contingent on NG winning a contract. I'm really excited as I have been searching for a long time but I am a little confused about what to do. There's still a good chance I might not get this job even after accepting the offer due to the contract not being awarded to NG. They won't find out if they get the contract for months.

Here's the problem. I have about a week or to accept or reject the offer. If I accept the offer does this mean it would be unwise to continue job hunting? I don't want to shutout my potential employment opportunities by not searching for a few months waiting on a contract to be awarded. However, I don't want to do the wrong thing because I accepted the job offer. There's a possibility I might get contacted about another NG position where I don't have to wait for months or a contract to be awarded.

This wouldn't even be an issue if the job was not contingent on the contract. I would have happily accepted the offer and stop all job seeking.

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Jadedea in Washington, District of Columbia

75 months ago

how did it go? i would say keep interviewing and keep job hunting until your signing off paperwork as an employee. dont stop job hunting until you work your first day. ive been snowballed by those kind of setups. apparently ive always chosen the losing team. once they lose that contract they dont call back. so dont stop looking.

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