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Benjy in Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts

131 months ago

I will be relocating to vegas and trying to find a recruiter. I am a senior accountant with almost 10 years of experience. I have been checking regularly job posting for the last 5 days and it looks like the same job posts every day.
Can someone recommend a real financial staffing company in the area.
Thank you in advance


Angelique Moonlight in Las Vegas, Nevada

130 months ago


I hope that you realize Las Vegas is a small town and in many ways it is like traveling back in time to the 1960's. Getting a job here is about who you know, not what your skill level is or how much experience you have. This is not to say that I don't love Las Vegas, in fact I do. No one prepared me though for the job hunting situation.

When I moved here I registered with several staffing agencies in LV. Officeteam was the worst of all of them. I was told to plan on being there for 2 hours, but was there for 5 hours. I was required to take a battery of tests for the position even though I was interviewing for an HR Manager job. I had to meet all six team members to make sure they would want to represent me.

I went on the interview and was told by the client they were not looking to make a decision for 3 months. My account rep called me six months later, and asked if I was still interested in the position, because the client was considering making a decision and no I am not joking.

I found another job on my own, but as rule most agencies out here have two major problems. First the pay is very low compared to other states, second the agencies do not obtain enough information to aide the candidate to prep them for an interview.

Most agencies post the same job description week after week trolling for candidates. They will change a couple of words, but it is always for the same job. That would be the none existent job, because they are looking to build their pipeline of candidates. Then they will "skill market" you to a client.

Registering with an agency is a good idea, but for a full time job, I would check either a local job board or use a networking site before you get out here.

If you need anything further let me know.


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