High Turnover, frequent job posts, hmmmmmm

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Jeepers in Milford, New Hampshire

134 months ago

So wonderring why Pep Boys in NH has virtually every position in two locations on here every six months. Is this normal turnover, or do they regularly clean house by replacing the entire staff? Is this place that bad an environment to work in?


jerry jeff in Milford, New Hampshire

132 months ago

sooner than six months. Hiring issues or just issues. This shoud be a red flag. Every three or four months now all positions listed. I know it is reatail but puulleeese! Company must have issues. Is it the same manager? Maybe the area manager should post his job.


Bobbie in Philly,PA in Norristown, Pennsylvania

131 months ago

I did a freelance gig for about 1 month and the department head was a total maniac. I hadn't worked in such a sweat shop, salt mine environment in years. The whole production system was ridiculous as we had to run jobs back and forth to every department because they still didn't have a PDF workflow. The management treated the Crative and Production team so poorly it was a disgrace. I felt bad for the desperate people who worked there due to low self esteem and fearful of moving on to better jobs.

The Corp office in North Philly wasn't exactly the best place to work after hours despite the guarded parking lot.


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