What are my chances here?

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Psyblaze in Akron, Ohio

94 months ago

Hi! I recently applied to petsmart for the cashier and pet care positions. I am going to call them tomarrow to see if there are any positions open, and I thought maybe I had a good chance of getting hired if they are but some people are telling me I may be overqualified to work a pet store. I am a graduate of a two year high school animal program with awards for dedication and even came in sixth in state in a competition for small animal care and management. I had a cashier job at a grocery store that I left on good terms because I was beginning my first year of college and wasn't sure I could handle it. I was a member on the FFA and am now on my college equestrian team and do volunteer work for my city zoo. At my previous job and the zoo we were given costumer service training so its not as though I cant deal with customers. That's enough to work at a pet store right? Or is it too much? How did you guys get in? and maybe you guys could give some common mistakes as to what people do to not get considered. Thank you so much!


Dog-guy in Somewhere

94 months ago

You're more qualified than most, probably overqualified, but in this economy... it also may vary from store-to-store and area-to-area.

I hold a post-graduate degree, with a sum of a few years of experience caring for dogs and cats in several environments ranging from pet-sitting to vet-hospital. This has proven a good base of experience, but that's proven only a foundation to draw on, working at Petsmart. I don't know which position you're looking at, whether in a PetsHotel or the store-proper taking care of small animals/fish, but there is a big difference between the two.

PetsHotel appears easy to most outsiders, ("oh, so much fun to play with the doggies and kitties, sooo easy" is what I here sometimes) but it is tough, demanding work, primarily because of two factors... first, pace as set by rigorous corporate policies and procedures (very fast-paced at times, I think flipping burgers would be relaxing in comparison), and second, you are not dealing with just one dog, one mentality... you will be handling groups of dogs, with pack mentality and pack behaviours, that can quickly turn into disaster, especially in the wrong Specialist's hands. It is not easy work. Overworked and underpayed fits here IMHO.

As to small animals, it has its own challenges, and again most of those challenges come from very rigorous corporate policies and procedures and the myriad tasks you're required to keep up with every shift.

I think you're attitude and team-attitude is probably the number one thing they'll look at. I wouldn't over-emphasize you're love of animals, that certainly is a given at PetSmart, most employees are natural-born animal people. That just gets you're foot in the door. But good customer service and a focus and personal-drive toward product and pet knowledge, dependability, product recommendations and selling, these are corporate biggies.

Good luck!


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