Petco's horrible practices

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timothy_durham00@*****.*** in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

82 months ago

I worked at the Petco in OK. It was a very bad experience. There are too many reasons why I will focus on a few.

They plan their hours out by task. This impedes the employees ability to effectively work with a customer.

Point being if a customer is new to fish and they want the complete set up this takes time. Time to explain why and time to pull it all together. Petco does not give stores the correct amount of hours for this. Which leads to poor customer service and a rushed process for all who are involved.

Also they fail when it comes to on boarding new team members. This is another huge issue when it comes to payroll. For a customer who is a new pet parent and needs a entire set up for any animal this takes time and if it’s a new team member doing it who has no experience they don’t factor this into payroll either. i.e. my store had enough payroll for 3 people on the floor most of the day. You can see where when you have a rush and the new guy needs help how this could be an issue.

Petco also treats the animal better than their employees, which does not say much. I personally passed out in the office which I was expected to spend 20 hrs a week in. This is because they are too cheap to put an air-conditioning unit in there. It would get up to 85-90 during the summer time. I was told to by a $35 fan to help. Now this is in comparison to the kennels where we keep the dogs. If the temp get above 80 degrees the kennel has to be shut down and dogs moved out. So what this means is when I pass out in the office which I did, Petco says oh well, but stop everything for a dog or cat? Not so nice. I literally had to bring 4 shirts to work during summer time because I would sweat so much I had to change my shirt. They are cheap!

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