What exactly does the PetSmart non compete agreement say???

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Petey463 in San Ramon, California

63 months ago

Does anyone have a copy of the non compete agreement from PetSmart?? Or can tell me where to find it? There's so much speculation of people saying "I think it's this, I think it says that" I wa t to actually read what it says and find out the facts.

Mainly, I want to leave PetSmart, and work at a job that's 9 miles away for grooming. Obviously, I do not want to get sued. I want to make sure I'm safe.

Background... I've been working here for 9 years, but as a groomer, only for a little over a year. Supposedly, I'm in a state where I do not have to payback training, so I'm not worried about that. I'm strictly worried about working at another establishment. I'm NOT running my own business, just another company that offers grooming. It's 9 miles away. Am I safe to put my 2 weeks in and not get sued??? If anyone has a copy of the agreement, that would be excellent. Thanks.


kindsvater in Sacramento, California

63 months ago

The forum says you are in San Ramon, California. As such you should have less concern about a noncompete. I agree it is is good idea to copy of any noncompete, but I would be surprised if a major company like PetSmart would try to enforce an illegal noncompete against its California workforce. Particularly pet groomers.

Brian Kindsvater, Esq.
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62 months ago

10 miles in the non-compete. You can ask your manager for a copy. If you *are* going to be grooming then it is a problem. I had a groomer leave to be a vet tech at a place that offers grooming. She was not grooming so it was not a problem


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