What happens if you break the PetSmart Grooming Contract?

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alldogsgotoheaven1984 in Loveland, Colorado

118 months ago

I know obviously you pay for them taking you to the academy to learn to groom. It is a 2 year contract at the one I am considering working for. my question is.....do you have to pay that up front right away or how does that work when someone breaks that contract?


oogieboogie in Edmond, Oklahoma

116 months ago

Petsmart makes you sign the 2 yr. contract before you go to acadamy. The contract says that they will pay for you to go if you work for them for two years. if you break the contract within the first year you pay back the full $4000 value. if you break it after the first year then you owe them half wich is $2000. its a good oppertunity if you can put up with lots of BS for 2 years. me myself along with my entire salson just about wants ot of petsmart. i'm over a year into the contract and 2 grand is well worth my freedom from that company. the equipment you buy from them is crappy and needs to be replaced quikly, your trainging is't even worth $1000 let alone $4000. they will lie to you and find ways to keep you from making money.Management both store and corparate is a joke. i know 3 girls that quit befor thier contract and they never came after them for the money.


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