How to get a job at Powersource Transportation.

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Do you work at Powersource Transportation? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview?

Any advice for someone trying to get in?

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Twcfrom Afghanistan in Apo

83 months ago

I am currently working as a Heavy equipment operator and Heavy truck driver in Afghanistan, and I found the company to offer the best in all 46 jobs that were out there, I was looking at van, but the real money is in specialized hauling, and that my wife from the Philippines will be coming with me as a rider, and we own a farm in NE Ohio, but wont be operating it ourselves for 5 years, am leasing it out currently. This company seems to offer everything, and I am going to go for it, including a lease purchase truck. I will check back in a few months to see if anyone out there is looking for advice.

I have 15 years commercial trucking experience, and 5 overseas as a contractor. I need a company that will pay better than the blase' usual crowd out there, and I have handled tanks jeeps bridges heavy equipment etc... so what if it is circus, art, or generator units. It is all drop and hook and I dont have to get dirty with tarps.

Will let you know what happens.......

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twcarson in Apo

79 months ago

I am writing back to you to let you know that i did not get the position with Powersource Trans. In fact, after sending in all my financial information, they said I did not have enough secondary income.....? Why would I need secondary income if the company was legitimate and had plenty of I did some looking up and found they send you on alot of unpaid bobtail miles, about 20% so if you put in about 150,000 miles in a year, 30,000 miles would be bobtail and UNPAID. who can afford that, and you do not get any i repeat you do not get any reimbursement on the fuel for those 30,000 miles, so you pay full price for fuel on those miles and fuel for them. 5 mpgallon, at $4.00 that would mean you would eat $24,000 worth of fuel bill you must pay. Ouch, and also, if I didnt get good miles, that means a lease purchase would kill me, and then they told me I would average about $1000 dtake home per week, and in the winter, some weeks would be $500.

Why would you become an owner operator and assume all the risk and pay the extra wear and tear and the 30% miles for bobtail??????? This clearly is not a good company, and that is why I did not try to comply with their financial nitpick demands, why would my wife have to work, just to keep the truck on the road? No sir, this company simply wants to lease out a used truck, let you go for awhile paying them payments, and when freight gets bad, they take the truck back, and release it out, never really selling the unit. See.....

if you needed a good lead, try hauling for the oil industry in N and S Dakota, or in Texas, they need company and owner operators badly, paying $80,000 just look up truck driver oil field jobs, n and s dakota and texas, and see what the search gets you.....Good luck my friend!!!!

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Ash in Kingman, Arizona

46 months ago

Host said: Do you work at Powersource Transportation? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview?

Any advice for someone trying to get in?

I wouldn't work for them take my advice I use to work with them for almost 2 years in the lease purchase side... not worth the stress and fake people. They treat the drivers BAD there no respect I feel bad for the drivers that are still there. They are going down hill.... good luck!

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