How many people think Pro Club nickel and dimes you?

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B-Ken in Seattle, Washington

128 months ago

Do you feel like you're constantly nickle and dimed when you go to Pro Club?

Behind those shiny white walls, marble entry ways, and gold-trim, lies a company who has lost their focus of inspiring people to live healthier lives and enhance their inner beauty, but rather encouraged people that they NEED Botox, non-surgical face lifts, tanning packages,and spa treatments to enhance their outer beauty. Not mention flowers, car details, lash extensions, and a personal training package for mother's day, father's day, secretary day, valentines day, 4th of July, and possibly even Presidents Day????
Since when should it cost $50 for your child to sit on Santa's lap?
Why pay for a group fitness card that expires after 3 months, when yoiu could only make it to 5 classes......

Last I checked, it shouldn't cost $25 to learn Feng Shui in a Racquetball court.
Also- don't forget your 20/20 shakes, 20/20 calcium, 20/20 fish oil, 20/20 multi vitamins, 20/20 meals, and Pro Club bottled water (bottled in canada and only costs .39 to make but they charge $1.50????
For the record, you can get the same fish oil, vintamins and calcium from costco (and MUCH cheaper)


fitnessnut in Seattle, Washington

121 months ago

Couldn't agree more!!!!!


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