rcm --no potential to make money here

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dwvtrzsx in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

136 months ago

It is shocking to me that this company is still doing business. The 'ethic' within this company is non existant and the owners/managers belong in jail. There is absolutely no potential to make 100k a yr here...trust me --IT iS DEFINATELY NOT EVEN A REMOTE POSSIBILITY. The system of tracking recruiter & sales rep credit is non exsistant. Quarterly commission is made up of whatever upper management decides is 'fair' If you decide to take a position with this company do not count on seeing any significant increase in your salary. I was with the company for some time and the most that I made was 45k. I was constantly praised for my hard work & efforts yet when it came to bonus time which was every quarter, I was disappointed each and every time.
Please, take it from me, this is not a company that you want to work for. Do not fall for the misleading salary potential in this ad.


unprofessional in Bronx, New York

130 months ago

Responded to their add, spent two days in "paid" training, started the assignment. After my second shift asked for my training pay, was told I would have to do 6 shifts before I could receive that money. They lied to everyone that was in my training session - none of us stayed on the assignment.


RachelRCM in New York, New York

69 months ago

Hi, RCM internal team here. We are sorry to hear you had a negative experience with RCM Health Care Services in the past and we still hope to make it up to you in the future. To clarify, RCM always participates in ethical and high quality business practices. If at any time you felt or feel any different, we urge you to contact management immediately so we may rectify anything that may affect our high standard of service to our employees.

At RCM, we believe our positive ethics and business opportunities make our employees successful and give each employee flexibility in their options and schedules. Again, we are sorry for your negative experience.


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