I had an interview at Rite Aid - please help me make a decision????

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dyward in Salisbury, Maryland

113 months ago

I telephoned interviewed for a Store Manager Position in Salisbury, MD. I will be contacted next week for a face to face interview. I would like some advice on whether or not to except this position. What are the salaries for Store Managers? How many hours does Store Managers work? How are the benefits for Store Managers? Does Rite-aid of have tuition reimbursement?



badcompany in New Jersey

112 months ago

Honestly, you will probably regret taking that position. The position is probably available to you because of high turnover in the company. Rite Aid managers get abused. I saw it while I was with the company as a photo tech. You are going to be doing all the work because the company will not give you payroll to have any associates on the clock. When I was there, the managers worked at least 50 hours a week.

The company is also in terrible shape. Their stocks are trading at about 25 cents per share. They were also listed in a report of companies that may not survive 2009.

A few weeks ago on CNN, they listed a few retailers that were hiring and CVS was one of them. You would probably be way better off pursuing a job there. Much better company in much better financial shape that will weather the storm of the recession. You'd also probably get more reasonable hours and better pay there.


oldlady in New York, New York

110 months ago

Nah...try Rite Aide..... I prefer it and I am in New york city. They are pretty much the same stuff. Still, CVS may destroy you too. there are no "reasonable hours" If your store requires 200 hours, you go in for the 200 hours... or get out.
Your job quality depends almost entirely on your store manager. Some stores are good and some are horrific. Also, consider what my elderly friend said as we were walking on Madison Avenue in NYC: if you see a sign for "hiring" you better believe that they can't keep people and that is probably because of good reasons for people's leaving.
PS: I work at CVS more than 2 years and it can be bad in the front store.


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