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Updated 13 days ago

Robert Half are a WASTE OF TIME - 37 Replies

The test is what your abilities are to do a certain job, it does not reflect if you get hired or not. [QUOTE who="Looking for help in Easton,...

Happyness in New York, New York

Updated 26 days ago


This place is a joke, they post jobs online on several websites, then you hit "apply now" and never hear back from them or they tell you the posting...

DeeDee277 in Katonah, New York

Updated 28 days ago

Robert Half is A Big Joke!!!!!! - 34 Replies

Anyone who is looking for a job, please don't waste your time on Robert Half!!!! I have no idea how they stay in business????

cc92118@*****.*** in San Diego, California

Updated 2 months ago

Robert Half is the WORST - 248 Replies

Do yourself a favor & don't waste your time, liars, cheats, and very un-professional. All branches of RH treat their clients very poorly. If you...


Updated 6 months ago

Robert Half are rip-off artists extraordinare - 2 Replies

The people at Robert Half, Accountemps, Office Team or whatever name they use to attract people play a wonderful game with you, and here's how it...

Steve H. in Ontario, California

per another page

There is supposed to be a way that shows if a job at Robert Half is vaporware or not. Look at the number after the hyphen. If it is a 1, then the job...

exactly in Los Gatos, California

Updated 7 months ago

The Truth About Robert Half International - 135 Replies

Been there and done that with RHI. I was strung-along for years as a candidate and also worked behind the scenes as a sales rep/recruiter for them. ...

paul b in Englishtown, New Jersey

Updated 8 months ago

Ageism - 9 Replies

The recruiters do not submit candidates for positions if they are over the age of 40. My experience is excellent, my qualifications impeccable, I...

Tiredoflooking35 in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Updated 8 months ago

Robert Half Accountemp -This temp breaks all the laws-Avoid this temp agency at all COST! - 1 Reply

Robert Half is the worst temp agency out there, people please, do your research before you pick this temp agency. If your career matters to you,...

Rich in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 24 months ago

What is everyone mad about? - 1 Reply

I recently applied for a position at Robert Half and I got an interview right away I also have a year and a half experience for the position they are...

Sick Of It All in backwoods, California

Updated 43 months ago

Suspicious company - 2 Replies

Back in May I discovered this staffing agency in a job fair, and they invited me over for an interview. Everything went well until they asked me for...

gnarley in Santa Rosa, California

Updated 59 months ago

RH's noncompete agreement for recruiters - 9 Replies

I am 4 weeks new to RH, and already hate it. Just trying to get things in order so I can make my grand exit. My office is terrible, training is...

MEME0000 in greens, North Carolina

Updated 66 months ago

How to work with Robert Half successfully... - 12 Replies

They are a $4.5 Billion company. They place people every day. They are successful. This fact cannot be disputed. The proper way to work with...

R S in Washington, District of Columbia

Updated 66 months ago

boo - 25 Replies

if any of you complainers spent your time improving your skills instead of bashing RHI you might actually be employed

bin881 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 72 months ago

Just another piece of crap recruiting company. - 6 Replies

Just another piece of crap recruiting company. I wish had some kind of filter that could be turned on to knock out ads by these clowns.

KPatelNFL in Brooklyn, New York

Robert Half Technology Non-Compete

I worked as a Java Programmer through Robert Half Technology in NY with a lot of their clients. Over the 2 years I have been working I have gotten...

Curious in Brisbane, Australia

Updated 79 months ago

Question about working direct for an employer introduced through Robert Half - 1 Reply

At the beginning of 2012 I accepted a 3 month assignment with a company through Robert Half. They really liked me but didn't have any work left so I...

SH in Plano, Texas

Robert Half

I have always said that recruiters at Robert Half not only do not know what they are doing and they have quota requirements. That was recently...


Updated 98 months ago

robert half company is full of lies and deception - 15 Replies

They had a posting for a job that fits my background, They told me the company was not interested because my resume was not a match. I found out...

CallMeOut in Denver, Colorado

RFI Is A Body Shop

Robert Half has sent me the goofiest people on my assignments, they place bodies, they don't screen. The last guy they sent seemed alright when we...

JLH in West Sacramento, California

RHI - As a condition of employment and placement - sign away all of yor personal privacy

I don't work for RHI; however, I have used their services (RHI, Accountemps & OfficeTeam) as a hiring manager for a number of years and most recently...

Ziggie in Greensboro, North Carolina

Updated 101 months ago

The truth about Robert Half - 1 Reply

I am a 6 year veteran of the recruiting business and I thought that Robert Half could be a good place to be as a perm recruiter.....boy was I wrong. ...

nomorerhi in chicago, Illinois

Updated 103 months ago

Does Robert Half Blacklist Candidates? - 1 Reply

Is there any ex-Robert Half employee that know if they black listed candidates? If so why, all I'm trying to do is find a career.

Very Discouraged in Gardner, Massachusetts

Updated 104 months ago

Robert Half Finance & Accounting News and Happenings. - 23 Replies

What do you think -- is this company going to survive and thrive? Are they looking to expand their staff, or do you think layoffs are...

kiminathenstn in Athens, Tennessee

Updated 108 months ago

The worse agency - 4 Replies

I agree with everybody's discussion, but one more thing that I must add is that what these people do is to call at your present job ask to speak with...

Ziggie in Cranston, Rhode Island

Updated 117 months ago

Be careful of Robert Half !! - 1 Reply

I submitted my resume to a job in MA as an accounting manager. I followed up a few days later and was told that they already had my resume!! It was...

omni in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 117 months ago

No ethical explanation for their terrible customer service - 4 Replies

I scheduled and interview at Robert Half. I was looking for an analyst position. Once they saw I had sales experience they railroaded me into...

chris stuart in Boston, Massachusetts

New Financial Job Site

I recommend also checking out

Executive Professional in Norfolk, Virginia

RHI in Norfolk

Ms. Fields at the Norfolk office attempted to strip away my self esteem, by telling me a lot of companies discriminate against people my age (I am...

Bill Fa in Memphis, Tennessee

Updated 126 months ago

RH, is anyone there? - 27 Replies

I met with a rep from RH, and also went on an interview, then nothing! They do not return calls, e-mails etc. I am very disapointed with this...

Kimberly Garcia in Crystal Lake, Illinois

Robert Half Hoffman Estates

After three interviews during my lunch hour for a sales/account manager position, even though I was in the industry, I never got a call back. I even...

Former RHI guy in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 129 months ago

RHI in Stamford, CT & Fort Collins, CO have WORKED HARD FOR ME! - 4 Replies

It's a shame so many people seem to have terrible experiences with Robert Half. My experience with Robert Half began in the Fort Collins...

Sreejas in Kollam, India

Updated 131 months ago

Get A Free Accounting Bookkeeping Quote? - 1 Reply is a leading Accounting and Bookkeeping Company in India specializing in bookkeeping, finance, e-accounting and...

staffingrecruiter08 in Boca Raton, Florida

Looking to Leave RHI?

I am a recruiter for the Staffing Industry and I used to work for RHI for several years. I represent several terrific companies with outstanding...

Julygirl in Bundang, South Korea

Updated 133 months ago



LT in Cary, North Carolina

Updated 135 months ago

Interviewing for RH Manager Position - 10 Replies

I'm talking with RH in a major market about filling the manager role over the salaried professionals division. I have experience in accounting &...

Dickson Thunder in Dickson, Tennessee

Updated 136 months ago

How True - 1 Reply

My 40+ husband is an accounting executive with 20 years experience. Unfortunately, the industry he was involved in only moves you up if you jump...

Dickson Thunder in Dickson, Tennessee

Updated 136 months ago

Skip Agencies to help find you a position - 4 Replies

If you want to waste your time and energy to enroll, be tested and sit and wait for a call that is never going to come......go to a recruiting...

Ziggie in Greensboro, North Carolina

Updated 137 months ago

Glad I'm not the only one who dislikes RHI! - 1 Reply

I thought it was just me! I'm looking to relocate and have sent resumes to a few different RH agencies and have heard nothing even though I am...

Burtos Gali in San Francisco, California

Robert Half San Francisco - Closest To The Dollar!!!! Some advice for you...

If you take all the comments written about Robert Half on this forum and others you'll end up with a net of zero. They are as polarizing as George W....

Aaa Z in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 138 months ago

Robert Half Recruiter Job Questions - 2 Replies

I interviewed with a position for Robert Half Legal and was hoping I could get some feedback on what others think about the company. Are the...

FINGUY in Ontario, California

ANY good Financial Exec placement experiences in the LA Area?

I am looking for feedback. I have been placed by RH twice in my career, so I was a satified customer, sort of. Now, I can't even get the time of day...

Fed-upandFrustrated in Washington, District of Columbia

Updated 138 months ago

Robert Half Tactics - 9 Replies

RH gets interviews for multiple people for one job and they all interview one after another. The first candidate goes in. When they come out the RH...

Do Not Waste Your Time in Clearfield, Utah

Try Ajilon Finance

I read the comments on RHI and decided to apply anyway as none of the comments applied to RHI in Utah. However, I applied for a position in April,...

Charlie in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 139 months ago

Every one feels they are qualified... - 1 Reply

So why not post a link to your resume? I have read a lot of complaints against RHI/Officeteam/Accountemps and other staffing firms for the...

Audrey (Host) in Austin, Texas

Updated 139 months ago

From an RHI recruiter's perspective - 121 Replies

As a staffing manager myself, I feel a sense of ultimate disgust with how the majority of whiners and complainers take out their own incompetencies...

Lisa Simpson in Collegeville, Pennsylvania

Updated 139 months ago

How RH works - 7 Replies

RH recruiters are all on commission. I signed up and went through 3 RH people in 4 months. Those RH people quit because they were struggling to...

Charlie in Warrenville, South Carolina

Updated 139 months ago

Quit crying about it - 8 Replies

I am a un-educated woman working as a Lead Supervisor at a Manufacturing company.I make more money than most people are offered with a education. But...

Charlie in Warrenville, South Carolina

Updated 139 months ago

Half hired a firm to hire internal candidates - what does that say??? - 4 Replies

Too funny.

Mike in Concord, California

Updated 139 months ago

Robert Half is the WORST of the WORST!! Don't waste your time. - 5 Replies

I have never had an experience with an agency that has been worse. Not only are they arrogant and abusive but total without knowledge of the industry...

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