Field Engineer in Iraq

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Rachel in Virginia Beach, Virginia

133 months ago

My husband is going to Iraq to be a field engineer. Has anyone had this position or worked in Iraq for SAIC? They told my husband he would never leave the camp and would only do maintenance in the wire. I am afraid that this is all to good to be true. Also what are the living conditions in the camps for contractors. Will he be living in a tent, Conex Box or trailer? Please anyone who knows anything about this company or postion please reply. Thank you.

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DAKINE in Ewa Beach, Hawaii

129 months ago

My husband works for another big defense contracting company out there... BEWARE!

Before he left, the recruiter and some "country manager" promised him he would get a double-wide with his own bathroom, high-speed internet, and only one roommate. Well, so he gets there, is squeezed in a 10' x 12' room with three other people, no internet, no private bathroom. Best thing lately? He and his roommates were just told they're moving to a "transient room"... a room made for 2 people, but with 6 bunks to fill... and still no internet.

Oh yeah, despite living "on base", remember that snipers can see a long way if they have a good view. Turns out that most contracts in Iraq do not guarantee housing or even food--if you can believe it. Yeah, it is too good to be true. For a contract worth $1M, your husband may only see $200K + benefits of that... the rest of the money lines the pockets of these contracting companies...

Wish someone had told us what it would be like... because they made it sound too good to be true.

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xinuan in Newtonville, Massachusetts

119 months ago

I went to Iraq with SAIC in late 20903 and early 2004. It was every man for himself. SAIC had a compound, they stuffed it full of people. Later I heard there were three people that came down with tuberculosis. Do you think SAIC every bothered to contact any of us who may have had contact with any of the TB employees? The Answer ..... NO, NEVER... I chose not to sleep in the SAIC compound and moved myself and my sleeping bag to locations that I considered safer than a sleeping target in a CONEX or trailer or the overcrowded and filthy SAIC Compound. Good Luck

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D427 in The Northeast

113 months ago

It could be worse, you could work for KBR. :)

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