Company is a Joke

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lostjane in Iowa

106 months ago

ksfactor28 in Cleveland, Ohio said: This company is a joke. They preach the importance of the employee handbook to their employees, yet management does not honor any code in the handbook...

I agree with you. My manager could easily take the gold against any truck driver, high school kid or sailor in a "Talking crap - swear off" competition. He would talk smack about everyone behind their back and he would tell people to do things and then yell at them, disavowing any knowledge of what he had instructed. He also would forget important things he was supposed to take care of - register log-ins for employees, pricing, etc.. He told me to log-in my cashiers under my number. When I filed a complaint, I found he was staffing my units with unsavory people and I felt I was being set up for something. Well, I could not defend myself because one of his relatives is the HR director, and there was no fair recourse as my "case" went through his relative and I was ultimately termed for my inability to speak up and go for broke to tell them HE was the one who was in charge of both situations leading to my termination. It was silly. They also sued me because I collected unemployment - the paperwork submitted to "corporate" said I was fired for a completely different reason than that on my write-up/termination forms!

I now work for a private business man and I am going to school. I think I would much rather start my own business than try to fit back into the "corporate" structure.


ksmit in Ann arbor, Michigan

104 months ago

I worked for the company for two years and have had two managers. one is extremely good and tries to care for people. He is still their and is now a senior manager and tries to work in the flied as much as possible. However, his boss is a joke, an my new boss think he is underpaid so he does not do his work and makes us do more of it and has no people skills, smells like smoke and swears near around and about us. However, I am, and he is not, Interviewing for better paying jobs, with more weekends off. So all in all its about the manager and how many nights/weekends will you work.

Does anybody know what the salary range for Manger 1 is in the Chicago are; and the Mid Michigan/ SE Michigan area


Billy bob in Rochelle, Illinois

27 months ago

Finally Sodexo will no longer have a contract with Fhn hospital in Freeport il . The manager for maintenance had to be the worst Finally Fhn woke up


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