How to get a job at Staples.

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Do you work at Staples? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview?

Any advice for someone trying to get in?



135 months ago



Tammy Pruitt in Terre Haute, Indiana

134 months ago

Been on semi truck foe 10yrs and want to find ajob closer to home.I'm a very hard worker and a quick learner.


jpresley in Santa Barbara, California

95 months ago

its easy to get a job at staples. smile, be friendly, be outgoing. they're looking for people to increase sales and customer satisfaction.


Anon281 in Chippewa Lake, Ohio

94 months ago

First step is to apply online. Staples gets a ton of applications daily and based on how you answer the questionaire and what job you are applying for, the computer pools you in different categories. The initial screen just shows name, if you passed the questionaire and what job your applying for so your just a small fish in the sea. They scroll to what position they are hiring for and randomly click a name and look at application and think yes or no. My recommendation would be if you are applying for a store position: give them a week or two then go into the store you wanna get hired at and introduce yourself to the manager and tell them you applied and what position you applied for. Be sure to give your full name and spelling (I recommend making a professional looking business card because it is less obvious and a more professional approach than a scrap piece of paper). That makes you standout from the other names and they can search by first and last name. When you go in to introduce yourself to the manager, dress professional like you would for an interview (No untucked shirts, t-shirts, shorts, jeans, graphics t-shirts, tennis shoes etc...). They can then put a face to the name and that bumps you ahead of others. Happy job hunting!


StapletheStapler in Fort Worth, Texas

74 months ago

Host said: Do you work at Staples?

I did, briefly

[quote]How did you find the job?

Online application, I applied as an Inventory Associate (Full-time pay grade)

[quote]How did you get that first interview?

The store manager called and said that all full-time position were full however she does have part-time openings.

[quote]Any advice for someone trying to get in?

Ask these questions

1. How many hours per week do I START at? (don't accept an "on average" answer.)

2. How often should I expect to be sent home early?

3. Am I expected to upsell (push warranties and product accessories) to customers?

4. How is my work performance graded?

5. Do I earn a commission for the sales I make? Why not?

Regardless of the specialty you select on the application they are hiring you as a Salesman, the bulk of your job and responsibility is actively selling to customers.

And your job depends on how successfully you sell, don't sell, no hours...and no job shortly thereafter. Sell well, and you will get hours and position advancement based solely on that.

A final piece of advice for future Staples employees, get a polo shirt in the color of the department you'll be working in (Office Supply=Red, EasyTech=Black, Copy Center=Light Blue) because Staples stores have very high turnover rates and tend to be in (at best) short supply of official uniforms.


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