gallup screen and others like it....

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john doe

82 months ago

i took a similar test like the gallup for another medical company, not stryker. i have to tell you, ANYBODY who agrees that these assessment scores are a direct correlation to future success in the workplace is living under a rock and is an absolute fool!!! when your put people on the spot, even when fully prepared with pages of notes and example questions, it's difficult to respond in the way you plan on responding and how the company wants you to respond. your brain sometimes reacts differently, but that doesn't mean you have low eq or wont be successful in the work place. companies who rely soley on these pressure oriented assessments are going to miss out on a lot of strong potential candidates and workplace allstars. no wonder our unemployment rates in this country are so high, companies make it virtually impossible to get a job with these tests, and many people have learning disabilities who may not score as well on the spot, but do just fine in pressure situations in the workplace. so when it comes down to it, many of these companies who do this to weed people out very well could be breaking certain laws and disability rights!!!!! its just that nobody has the balls to stand up to them and make a complaint to a disability lawyer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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