TekSystems is a good company

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Rafiullah in San Diego, California

135 months ago


I can understand everyones frustration. Trust me, I have been through some cheating and lying companies that all end with coms or this or that and they never come through on their promises.

I don't know anything about the TekSystems offices elsewhere, but the Tek Systems office in San Diego has gone above and beyond in helping me find a job. I have worked for them for 6 months. I have never had a late pay check. They go the extra mile to meet my needs. They always make sure I am okay.

They have helped me through so much, I can't even list all of them. Again, I am speaking about the Tek Systems office in San Diego, CA, so I cannot speak on any other cities behalf as I have never worked anywhere else.

They would go out of their way to deposit my check for me at my bank even if Direct Deposit hasn't kicked in yet.

They are willing and helpful, and I love the staff that works there. Jonathan, Evan, Ryan, Kat, they are great people to work with and very honest.

They come through on everything they have said.

I made the mistake of taking a contracct in philadelphia through Hconn, Hconn has gone and made false promises to me that none have come through as of yet. Tek Systems though have made me feel lucky to know I can always count on them if I need to go back.

Bottom line is,

It just depends on who is working and who they hire as recruiters.

San Diego has so far beaten all my expectations for any recruiter that I have taken in the past 6 years.

Thank You Tek Systems of San Diego


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spacepower in Hartford, Connecticut

69 months ago

Teksystems give me bad impression. I contact a teksystems recruiter in Connecticut, first he seems to be willing to help me to find a position and ask me to come to his office to talk, I said I have no car, can we talk it further by phone or skype, then he suddenly said here is no positions suitable for me, change so quickly!!!
I know before that, I contact other guys in Teksystems face by face and just fill the forms and then nothing from them at all.
I think only snobbish can be used for that.

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