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Michelle in Altamonte Springs, Florida

135 months ago

Well, I guess someone in management really hates me, as they decided that after giving a few departments a substantial base pay raise (which I did, in fact, receive), they would switch me to a department that had not received that raise. And, in effect, they took away the raise they gave me because they switched my departments. I've done my time and sacrificed a lot for this ungrateful company, and I didn't even know that they had decided to throw me into a different department (not even my TL knew!) until I looked at my paycheck last week.

I've heard of many in my store (and in other businesses!) who have been demoted, forced to step down, or have willingly stepped down, and the story is the same--they cannot take away what they were paying you. So, my question is, can Targay really get away with that? I've seen TLs demoted back to L1, and they still make $12+ an hour to walk around stupidly and pretend to cashier, and these people move me to a different department to take away my raise? WTF. All this because I go to school.

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Traci in Lebanon, Georgia

132 months ago


Let me give you the secret to getting promoted and moving forward with Target.

Stay away from all of the people who complain all day.

Get your work done - don't do lunch or breaks with all the people that are not moving the store in a positive arena.

Know your numbers, what are the sales in your department doing, make suggestions to management on how to push more sales. Keep a little notepad in your pocket and take notes as you do your "tours".

For whatever reason - they have moved you over to the "losing" team to see if you can turn the department around. If you act like all of the other L1 and TL's, you are being a problem child.

Sounds like your store has problems. Good Luck.

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beentheredonethat in Saint Paul, Minnesota

132 months ago

Michelle, what they did was probably against policy and maybe illegal. Any chance there is someone in the building you can trust? Do you think your store HR is trust worthy? You might want to go to a different company. Raising the issue could have ugly reprecussions, even if you're in the right.

Unfortunately, HR is not your friend.

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Jeff Sloan in Dallas, Texas

96 months ago

What your dealing with is at every store. Before the sitch to you need a degree to become a TL I and two other people were trying to be promoted. Two of us learned all the extras and did all the extras while the third went around putting down the comapny, wastes company time to pull practical jokes, acts childish and brown noses the boss.

The one guy that learned things went to another store because he was fed up with it, I still remain there but am looking for a new job that is not a bunch of bs. The brown noser is now awaiting his promotion.

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