Horrible Job Design Its like the 1800's

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Service Tech Job in Charlotte, North Carolina

132 months ago

If you like working 9 day straight workweeks. (on-call)
If you like rotating shifts of 8-5 & 12-9 and working weekends.
If you like climbing poles in the dark, with lighting etc.
If you like being in attics in +95 degree temp outside.

If you like being over tasked and over scheduled having to work on your own time to get things done, and having a upper management that just gives you more and more things to do then TWC is the place for you.

Oh and your cable is free, but you won't really get much out of it , cause your never home. Benefits are outstanding however.

If your married expect your wife to threat you with leaving. This company is by far the most poorly managed company as far as the Service Tech Operation goes. The operation management if your a service tech is great, its the VP the guys above them that have never been in the field that will give you I/S certifications bs and expect you to run 12 jobs a day.

Oh and you won't get a lunch ever. Its crap. Pass on this company and this industry. Be a contractor if you like cable they make more money, you just need your own car.


Larry in Charlotte, North Carolina

130 months ago

So, what about an install tech...or "broadband tech"? Are they just as bad? I'm trying to get out of contracting (Don't become a contractor...it's a joke) and get on with TWC. How's that on call thing work? Are you working 40 hour weeks?


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