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Hank Cowdog in Somewhere, Texas

Specialized Investment Services Representative

I'd like any information anyone has to offer about this position and any experiences in the role. Good or bad.

Lee_ Marvin in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Updated 108 months ago

Legal assistance benefit vs Arbitration agreement - 3 Replies

Has anyone taken advantage of the legal assistance "benefit" for any reason other than arbitration? Has anyone used the "Arbitration" program? If...

MrAZ in Anytown, Arizona

Updated 110 months ago

Troubled Employees - 3 Replies

I read earlier that USAA has perfect employees- those with great credit and nothing on their public records. I wonder how many employees have been...

jsfasu in San Antonio, Texas

Training at USAA

is the test to become a claims adjuster difficult? what kind of questions are on the test?

Julie in Gilbert, Arizona

What is the starting pay for the USAA membership relationship specialist III position?

I'm looking into the USAA membership relationship specialist III position in Phoenix, and I'm wondering what the starting pay might be? Also does any...

13 years down the drain in Suffolk, Virginia

Updated 112 months ago

Warning USAA is monitoring this site - 3 Replies

don't respond to people who want to talk off line

Jonathan Mechanye in Utica, New York

Updated 112 months ago

USAA News and Happenings. - 12 Replies

What do you think -- is this company going to survive and thrive? Are they looking to expand their staff, or do you think layoffs are...

MrAZ in Anytown, Arizona

Updated 114 months ago

Christmas Eve - 25 Replies

I have been working at USAA for one year now, and I was informed we have to work on Christmas Eve. Really, someone tell me what the point of that...

Financialguy in Naples, Florida

Updated 114 months ago

Advisor Positions - 2 Replies

Can anyone explain the various financial advisor, financial planner, wealth manager etc., positions at USAA? I want to apply for a position, but I...

WWN in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 114 months ago

Non-Customer Service USAA Employees - 3 Replies

I'd like to get some feedback from some USAA employees not involved in any customer service area (like the branch bank or the call centers). For...

minscho4 in Apo

Updated 114 months ago

Email address for USAA - 9 Replies

I am in search for an email address for an employee of USAA. I need to get more information on services and I am located in Germany working overseas....

k in Cleveland, Ohio

Updated 114 months ago

Background Check - 1 Reply

The company they use to conduct their background check sent me a fingerprint card that needs to be completed and returned. Is this standard operating...

MONICAH in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 115 months ago

USAA after BOB - 1 Reply

I'm in the interview process, and after reading all the negative comments about the company how have things changed since Bob left? Most of the...

run for the hills in Providence, Rhode Island

Updated 116 months ago

Towerstream - 3 Replies

Went to an interview recently -- it's a lot of hype about how it's a sales center but it looked like a telemarketing set up to me. Lots of nerdy...

Chase28 in Austin, Texas

USAA Interns Pay - CFO

Anyone familar with the scope of this job and what the pay per hour is? Thanks, Chase

Johnna Calverase in Jyderup, Denmark

USAA From A Customer Perspective

I have been a customer of USAA for 20 years...until today. After previously reporting by message center to USAA on 5 different occasions in the last...

AnotherView in Minot, North Dakota

Updated 117 months ago

PLzzzzzzzz help me out.!!! - 2 Replies

I'm a recruiter in princeton . so can u guyz all plz help me to find out free resume searching sites . sothat i can give job opportunities for...

Anuecmtek in Princeton

Job Offer With ECM Tek

ECMTek Inc (A MGL Americas Company) Hello, This is Anu with ECM Tek Inc. Currently we are hiring fresh graduates. So I kindly request you to...

Im2bz2p345 in Houston, Texas

How are the non-call center positions?

If you have a Business degree and a bit of experience, are the non-call center type of positions worth looking at? Particularly, the "analyst"...

AlexWayneSmith in Anaheim, California

Forums > Company > HISNA


ex-employee in Tampa, Florida

Updated 121 months ago

bottom line bob has left the building - 18 Replies

yesterday - the usaa board announced that the ceo has resigned/retired. if you retire on your own - wouldn't you announce it yourself on u-tv? ...

rbc1187 in glendale, Arizona

Updated 123 months ago

Address of Pheonix USAA - 6 Replies

We are trying to find out where USAA is located in Pheonix, AZ... We are considering moving out there somewhere there abouts...

thrilled in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 123 months ago

Going back to USAA - 1 Reply

Anyone ever leave and go back to working for them? How were you treated? Did alot change? In MARO are there any hot girls working there now?

r in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 123 months ago

Right Direction, One Hopes - 3 Replies

I would love for the new CEO to look at these comments. BD ruined a great company. Moral is down, staffing is down, stress is up, people leave by the...

lee Marvin in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Updated 123 months ago

USAA Video - 1 Reply


Employment Information

USAA Video

As a Fortune 200 financial services company, our mission is to facilitate the financial security for almost 6 million customers � members of the...


Updated 124 months ago

How is the Colorado Springs Center - 3 Replies

Can anyone tell me how the work environment is in the Colorado Springs office. I have heard for a while now that there office is closing. Can anyone...

joanie06 in Chesapeake, Virginia

Updated 124 months ago

How to get a job at USAA. - 12 Replies

Do you work at USAA? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?

Totally Honest in Antelope, California

Updated 125 months ago

Working for USAA - Sacramento (Claims Adjuster) - 2 Replies

Can anyone fill me in on the work environment at USAA - Sacramento, more specifically the Claims Adjuster position?

lee Marvin in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Updated 125 months ago

Usaa vs US Foodservice - 1 Reply

Im thinking about entering into a job with USAA because its close to my home. I currently live in Phoneix AZ. Im comfortable in my current position,...

dudley doright in Mesa, Arizona

Updated 126 months ago

Collections Department At USAA - 15 Replies

I noticed that USAA is hiring for Collections Managers and a Director of Collections - does anyone have any informtation on the climate of the...

lee Marvin in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Updated 126 months ago

Political Ties to Giuliani - 3 Replies

The head of "the company" wants your vote...for Rudy Giuliani, that is. Do "the company's" 20,000 employees and 5 million members know that the...

lee Marvin in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Updated 126 months ago

How do we get Gen Robles to read this? - 1 Reply

I will not speak up at the PRIDE meetings. Does anyone have any ideas how to get Gen. Robles to possibly review some of these comments?

mzdawn in chesapeake, Virginia

Updated 128 months ago

Are All The Complaints in the Call Centers? - 2 Replies

I read ALOT of complaints here from people working in the call centers....but what about the more behind-the-scenes positions? There are several...

lia t in lasvegas, Virgin Islands, U.S.

Rent/Sale Complete Softswitch (VoipSwitch) in lowest price. APNAVOIP

Hi FRIENDS, Looking for best Billing Solution for your VoIP Company?? Apnavoip is a platform that allows to implement various types of Voice...

The Thinker in Carol Stream, Illinois

Updated 130 months ago

One hand tied behind your back - 5 Replies

One of the biggest issues we heard about the Viet Nam war was that our men and women were forced to fight the war with one hand tied behind their...

ME in San Antonio, Texas


What can a Bank Fulfillment Specialist expect to earn per hour?

ME in San Antonio, Texas


What can a Bank Fulfillment Specialist expect to earn per hour?

Curious in Sacramento, California

what make our life style??

do you like to get something that make you life fashion and style??just come to where the Jewelry is you need!(it's so cheapness for...

Leslie in Norwood, Missouri

Updated 132 months ago

Sweat Shop............... - 5 Replies

You got to be kidding about this USAA.

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