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Updated 3 days ago

UHG background and drug test - 271 Replies

I currently have a misdemeanor that I am on probation for. It is for unlaw carrying of a weapon in my car. It’s deferred. Will this show up on the...


Updated 5 days ago

Completed Application meaning? - 5 Replies

Hi, I hope that I can get an answer here. I submitted my application and did an interview and assignment. My status says completed submission and...


Updated 8 days ago

After phone interview Any one got a mail like this? what are my chances? I got in few mins. Am I out? - 14 Replies

Thank you so much for your reply.


UHG Assessments

What is the deal with these assessments? I just finished one for UHG and went back to my job portal page and now the position states "no longer under...


Updated 24 days ago

UnitedHealth Group Background Check - 1 Reply

I heard convictions are bad, but considering it wasnt theft or anything to do with personal or confidential information, you may have a shot. Good...

Lalalablahblah in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 2 months ago

Uhg- Criminal Background Policy - 36 Replies

Hello everyone can any of you let me know if United health group will hire someone with a 7yr old petty theft offense on their record. Its a...

William in Malden, Massachusetts

Updated 3 months ago

Need advise on how to get employed back at UnitedHealth Group after being terminated last March. - 8 Replies

Looking for any advice on how to get back employed at UnitedHealth Care. I worked there for almost 7 years and was terminated last March. I've...

lilly35 in Gainesville, Florida

United healthcare offer process

Anyone having issues with the UnitedHealth group recruiter? I was sent a job offered that I accepted on 09/18/18 for me to start on 10/22/18. It is...

cathy in Shawnee, Kansas

Updated 5 months ago

Hiring Process - 51 Replies

I accepted a position with United Health and am waiting to go through the background check. Does anyone know if poor credit will affect the offer?

jobcat in Oldsmar, Florida

Updated 6 months ago

How to get a job at UnitedHealth. - 22 Replies

Do you work at UnitedHealth? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?

TruelyPinkk314 in Saint Peters, Missouri

Updated 6 months ago

Google Hangout Interview - 2 Replies

I was contacted for an IM interview on Google Hangouts. I was told that I have the job and they will send a check for the necessary equipment that...

penny in Austin, Texas

Updated 6 months ago

United Health Care - 271 Replies

I do work here.. it is terrible. management doesn't know up from down... Employees are treated like mindless cattle... We are always hiring because...

jobcat in Oldsmar, Florida

United Health Group Job offer

Hello, I recently had an interview with UHG for a provider customer service position. The interview went well--I think!. I want the job even more...

Trixie in Shelbyville, Kentucky

Updated 8 months ago

Drug Screening - 9 Replies

Does anyone know if Pre-Employment drug testing is done by urine or hair? I am not allowed to cut my hair, so I want to make sure its a urine...

IL in Missouri

Pre employment background screening

I recently accepted an offer and currently in the background check process. Does anyone know, on average, how long it takes First Advantage to...

SM in Saint Petersburg, Florida

Updated 8 months ago

Optum RX drug test - 1 Reply

Hello. I work for another specialty pharmacy that is being bought by Optum RX in August. I've been told that we need to do an additional drug test....

amber in Providence, Rhode Island

reference check/employment verifiction

Hi, just want to ask how UHG check references. Do you provide three references for them to call or do you provide contact information of every...

Nicole in Richmond, Texas

Updated 9 months ago

Random drug testing as an employee? - 2 Replies

Are employees subject to any random or regular drug testing? I am aware that they do a pre-employment screen. I am a registered medical marijuana...

WithluvFromTee in Houston, Texas

Tuition Reimbursement

Are there any current employees having issues receiving tuition reimbursement? One of the factors in successfully receiving reimbursement is that...

JB in Chandler, Arizona

Updated 10 months ago

Did I not get the job? - 62 Replies

I had my second interview today and thought I did great. I got a great vibe off the hiring managers and they even joked around a little bit during...

hpchic76028 in Fort Worth, Texas

Updated 10 months ago

Telecommuting claims position - 57 Replies

I have had a recruiter phone interview screen, an actual recruiter phone interview and today I was supposed to have a phone interview with the actual...

kdickelman in Columbia, Missouri

Updated 10 months ago

United Health Group Community Worker - 1 Reply

I start working as a Community Health Worker next month. Do anyone have any insight about this position and how do you like it? Also how is...

Kisses in Hammond, Indiana

Stand by offered by unitedheath group

Next class May 21 anyone got the call yet


"Active" status 2 months after virtual interview?

I applied for a telecommuting "outreach" position 2 months and one week ago. I was contacted soon after to complete a virtual interview. I recieved...

Shelly376 in Greensboro, North Carolina

What’s next

Hey I applied to the customer service position at uhg and I did a video interview and now it says I got a phone interview but they sent me the pay...

CMP01 in Bensalem, Pennsylvania

Awaiting job approvals for possible offer

The recruiter stated they are awaiting job approvals and then wants to discuss. They have been waiting since before Christmas. It's been about 6...

Anxious in in San Antonio, Texas


Hello, I have applied to numberouse positions to no avail. Some I got declined from the beginning, some I went to the hiring manager. I have...

Numbers in Los Angeles, California

Verbal offer Timing

I interviewed a week ago on Tuesday. Also sent a check in email and have not gotten a reply. Is it too much to also call in a couple days or do i...

Georgiapeach27 in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 16 months ago

Employment Check - 1 Reply

While checking the background, who does the employment check? Is the check done for every employee and position? What info they ask for? and how far...

Marie85 in Grand Prairie, Texas

Background check

Does anyone know know if United Healthcare checks for both state and federal backgrounds checks and and how far back?

Trying to Help in Detroit, Michigan

Updated 19 months ago

Credit - 4 Replies

So, I was offered a position and started my background check last week. I just found out that I had a civil case filed against me on the second of...

Cindy in Fort Smith, Arkansas

Updated 19 months ago

UHG Telecommuting Positions - 1 Reply

Has anyone applied lately to telecommuting positions? How soon before a status change, recruiter screen, interview...? How long have you been...

deniedagent in North Carolina

Updated 20 months ago

UHC background/credit check "under review" - 5 Replies

Had anyone who is currently employed by UHC had a DUI on their record? I have a misdemeanor OWI from 4 years ago on mine, and other than that nothing...

vol4life in Hendersonville, North Carolina

Updated 20 months ago

Phone Interview - 2 Replies

I applied for a position yesterday and received an email late yesterday afternoon to schedule a phone interview. Today unfortunately there were some...

Cherry in Stafford, Texas

Updated 20 months ago

United Health Scam ? - 1 Reply

So I don't know if this is a scam or not but I don't know of accompany that's willing to send out a "start up check for a new employee" . Something...

Melissa35 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Updated 21 months ago

Background check - 3 Replies

I have an interview with united health group, but i have a warrant? will the warrant eliminate me from getting the job , if a back ground check is...

Cherry in Flint, Texas

Updated 22 months ago

employment verification - 1 Reply

How does UHG verify employment history? I put in my two weeks notice at my last job to move out of state to take care of an ailing family member. Two...

The final Stage of the Hiring Process in Virginia

What will i received or do it say that you are Clear

Just curious on the final step. Will there be a letter or a phone call letting you know if you are clear and good to start working with UHG? Thanks...

Blessin in Tyler, Texas

Updated 22 months ago

background check for UHG - 1 Reply

I just got offered a position at UHG, and will be completing the background check soon. Do they ask about charges that have been dismissed by the...

Proudmom in Jacksonville, Florida

Updated 23 months ago

Background check for optumrx uhg - 1 Reply

Hi i have recently applied for the patient registration position was wondering abt the background checks do they check for your hs diploma or ged or...

BA in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 23 months ago

B.A. Position at UHG - 4 Replies

Hi all, I recv'd a call today from a recruiter for this position in NV. The initial went extrmely well and she informed me that she would be sending...

laladanielle80 in Wetumpka, Alabama

Updated 23 months ago


I wish that I would have found this forum prior to spending all of the time thus far on the application process with UHG. I applied and did two...

Dreyes in Independence, Missouri

Application status

Hello. Im really nervous Injust had my face to face interview today and the status changed to completed. Any thoughts on that?

froviing in New Haven, Connecticut

Background Check

Does anyone know if a DUI disqualifies employment?

MightyMarie in Pataskala, Ohio

Updated 23 months ago

Hiring process - 5 Replies

I applied for position almost a month ago. My status says under review still. I just received an email stating that they are sorry the process is...

Froving in New Haven, Connecticut

Updated 23 months ago

Does Unitedhealth group hiring DWAI applicant? - 1 Reply

I had a DWAI in New York back to 2013. Which is the lowest charged on DUI's. Since DWAI is only a traffic infraction in New York that will show in...

professional2017 in Wetumpka, Alabama

Updated 24 months ago

Background check - 13 Replies

Just accepted an offer this past Thursday, 2/13/14. Received the offer letter email and other info. I filled out the information they asked for so...

Mzpoo07 in Garland, Texas

Claims Adjustment Representative Interview Process

For the Claims Adjustment Representative position, is it normal to have to have 3 separate interviews. I first had a brief interview by phone with a...

Curious in Atlanta, Georgia

Resume format for interview

What resume format has been used by those who have received an offer letter at UHG in the past 6 months? i.e. did you use bullets to outline your...

SarahDavis in Charlotte, North Carolina

Just interviewed via phone... but not hiring until march?

Hello, I just had a phone interview for a customer service position and I was very dismayed to find out that the start dates are not until March?...

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