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Updated 5 days ago

Is Vector a Scam? - 7 Replies

Okay. No, this is not a scam at all. All the comments I'm seeing are from people who don't work with the company. The company has no start up cost,...


Updated 1 month ago

Vector Marketing IS NOT A SCAM! - 21 Replies

I'm highly doubtful this business can be trusted. I have only completed the first step and applied, however... If the application page doesn't...

Millicent Baltimore

Vector Marketing Is The Biggest Scam Ever!

My son sold over $6,000.00 in knives for Vector Marketing on his first sale. He NEVER got paid! They kept making excuses. The first two times it was,...


Updated 5 months ago

Vector is not a scam - 27 Replies

Someone from my college try to get me to tell my friends to work for Vector Marketing since they did. I told this person that they got brainwashed by...


Updated 5 months ago

My Vector Marketing Experience - 47 Replies

I came with high hopes of learning to earn income, but I don’t believe I was given the proper training. The “training sessions” lasted for hours,...

Drue in Illinois

Vector Marketing

Great company to work for! You make your own schedule and the pay is fantastic!! I recommend working for Vector Marketing Company!

awsam37 in Needham, Massachusetts

Updated 8 months ago

Vector's RECEPTIONISTS (a.k.a TELEMARKETER) - 25 Replies

Even this position is a scam. You're still selling Vector, competing with other receptionists, and expected to meet ridiculous quotas. The only...

awsam37 in Needham, Massachusetts

Updated 8 months ago

Vector Marketing: Its not a scam - 1 Reply

I'm baffled at the amount of sheer stupidity in this thread. Lmao I worked for Vector for a few months and decided its not for me. But I assure...

Parker in Salt Lake City, Utah

Updated 9 months ago

vector marketing scam - 57 Replies

I have been working with Vector since june 2001. I love my job, I started with people I know and now have over 1000 customers. I am a student at...

Endlesslarry1@*****.*** in Houston, Texas

Disgruntled Employees of Vector,Walmart,etc.

I've communicated with representatives of Vector Marketing and found them to be of utmost business character and professionalism. Companies will...

SandyE in Blountstown, Florida

Vector Marketing and other Sales Jobs

I have read quite a few comments where people apparently think that this is a scam. It's not a scam. If you have ever worked in sales positions...

MsHMc in Watkins Glen, New York

Updated 19 months ago

Unbiased Vector Marketing Review - 1 Reply

Basically you either will loathe this job or love it. They try to get you to sell to friends and family, but I'm trying to get off of that as soon as...

Jun in Dayton, Ohio

Updated 24 months ago

Advice on Vector - 2 Replies

About a week ago, my girlfriend went to apply at Vector and subsequently got the job. She then recommended both me and another friend for the job,...

HJ777 in San Jacinto, California


I am extremely disappointed in this company, that they would decide to target young people who are just starting out there lives. Whether it's trying...

sarahba in Dundalk, Maryland

Updated 30 months ago

Help! I don't have anyone to sell to. - 6 Replies

I am new to this area, and I recently got a job at Vector; the problem is, that I don't have any friends and very little family to do my demos to or...

Your worst Nightmare in Brazil

Waste of T I M E

I worked here as a receptionist for 3 weeks and it was honestly a waste of money and time! First of all you're told to read from a PR Approach and to...

Caribbeangyal in Bronx, New York

Part 2(vector is a waste)

I forgot to mention we worked for the one in secaucus New Jersey. We both lived over an hour away, so if she wanted to cancel work, the day of was...

Caribbeangyal in Bronx, New York

Vector is a waste

One of my best friends is actually who got me a job at vector as receptionist, our manager was so unprofessional. For example on days that did not...

Tonya86 in Richmond Hill, Ontario

Updated 31 months ago

Receptionist for VEctor (cutco) - 2 Replies

I worked for Sybil Tanner in the Peoria location on 95th. She fired me due to me called her corporate office because she refused to give me my pay on...

Tonya86 in Richmond Hill, Ontario

Updated 31 months ago

There is a reason Vector Marketing "managers" are hiring kids - 3 Replies

So.... You've been contacted by Vector Marketing and been asked to come in *today* for an "interview" where the "manager" sells you a demo kit???...

Tadan in Hutchinson, Kansas

Updated 31 months ago

Dirty Company - 1 Reply

Unpaid training Young managers Shady No pay No breaks These people are dirty thiefs, do not trust them.

Tadan in Hutchinson, Kansas

Updated 31 months ago

Scam - 3 Replies

I was called for an interview on Friday! The caller schedule the interview for yesterday which was a Sunday and the time was set for 7:15 pm! I drove...

Tonya86 in Thornhill, Ontario

Updated 32 months ago

A terrible company to work for - 6 Replies

I was a receptionist for Vector for awhile...Even the receptionist position is awful.Basically your hearding people to these interviews like...

Tbruening in Wamego, Kansas

Updated 43 months ago

Vector - 1 Reply

Is the vector that sells knives the same vector that's calling girls to do photo shoots? Because if so, I need to know how to contact them. My...

Richard in Cleveland, Ohio

so far So good

I've just started here in the greater Cleveland are and I don't have to pay for the starter kit it will all be provided. I will keeep you guys...

gadfly85 in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Vector Marketing is Not for Everyone

I started working there this last weekend. It started with a very long interview, then three days of unpaid training. They expect you to make phone...

Rednate in Hudson, New Hampshire

Vector Marketting

I worked as an independent sales contractor with Vector Marketing for approximately 1 1/2 years. I sold Cutco knives, many of them to friends, family...

Stephanie Weiser in Olean, New York

Updated 68 months ago

Crappy sales jobs - 1 Reply

I have the cutco knives and they are good. But vector targets students for a reason because they are naive and need money for school. This is...

j stanley in Kansas City, Missouri

Updated 68 months ago

Vector Marketing Interview Questions. - 10 Replies

It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview...

Agodin93 in Essex Junction, Vermont

Updated 69 months ago


I was recently hired as the receptionist at the Vector Marketing office on the Scranton Carbondale Highway in Dickson City, PA. My job was to call...

Yep... in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 69 months ago

Don't Do It. - 3 Replies

I figured i'd put in my experience. I was in college and desperate for a job, so i was applying pretty much everywhere. I got a call back for a...

acexly in Foster City, California

Find a job

What job can I get with CompTIA A+ certification?

jthall in Rodeo, California

Vector Marketing

I can't say enough great things about this company and the people that I have worked with. When I started I was on unemployment and felt like my...

Moonvision in Clemmons, North Carolina

Vector Marketing

I don't care if they are legit in what they sell and how they sell it, all I know is that a girl in Greensboro named Courtney called me and setup an...

coolest girl around in New York, New York

Updated 73 months ago

Did anybody had any experience working with Vector Marketing in the New York area? - 2 Replies

I heard so far not so good things about this company from people from different states but I want to know if anybody had an experience working for...

Jodie in Bohemia, New York

Updated 75 months ago

vector isn't the right job for a college student - 5 Replies

From all I've looked up this company isn't full of con artists or thieves it's just a sales job which is fine for some people but for a college...

Jodie in Bohemia, New York

In respose to a discussion I posted back in January

This is just an update of what I had posted back in January. I am still with the job, over 18,000 in career sales, was just ranked 14th in my...

jptc423 in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Vector Marketing: History Repeating itself

Hi, 17 years ago, and I said 17 years, my cousin and I were job hunting. I was a 21 year old single mother of a 1 year old little girl and my cousin...

Amy Clapsaddle in Cleveland, Ohio

Vector Marketing & Cutco Knives - Total Scam and Worse Than Working for a Collection Agency.

VM has paid off the BBB so many times to keep a fake A+ rating it's not even funny anymore. Having done their accounting when I worked there ......

Jodie in Sayville, New York

Updated 85 months ago

What's the company culture at Vector Marketing? - 3 Replies

Every business has it's own style. What is the office environment and culture like at Vector Marketing? Are people dressed in business casual,...

Jodie in Sayville, New York

Updated 85 months ago

Vector Marketing News and Happenings. - 4 Replies

What do you think -- is this company going to survive and thrive? Are they looking to expand their staff, or do you think layoffs are...

BeenThereDoneThat in Lynnwood, Washington

Updated 92 months ago

How to get a job at Vector Marketing. - 16 Replies

Do you work at Vector Marketing? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?

Michelle With Vector and Cutco in Idaho Falls, Idaho

Updated 94 months ago

Desperate, Vector marketing, please read. - 1 Reply

Well I'm a newly highschool graduate, I live just with me, my mom, and my step father. We could really use more income in the house and I'd really...

perry_ryan in Vancouver, Washington

Updated 109 months ago

Vector Marketing Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits. - 2 Replies

What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at Vector Marketing? What do you like best about working at...

Bosco in Orlando, Florida

Updated 111 months ago

Don't get suckered into their scam! VM is a bunch of con-artists - 30 Replies

I almost got suckered into this scam back when I was 21. I was looking for a summer job and I saw a "summer job" ad so I checked it out. I went in...

NBassett in Fort Myers, Florida

Updated 114 months ago

Vector marketing-- Big scam - 1684 Replies

This company calls you for an interview, and some people as soon as they walked back would walk right back out. Well come to find out he says that if...

BOO_90 in Fort Worth, Texas



F-Bomb in Los Angeles, California

Updated 129 months ago

Being Solicited by Vector - 1 Reply

I just received a letter from Vector offering me a job. It offers many things including flexible schedules, "$16.00 base-appt.," ability to continue...

Leigh Ann in Hickory, Mississippi

Not a "Receptionist" position....

This place is not looking for a "Receptionist". This place is looking for a "Sales Assistant/Associate". A "Receptionist" does not have a...

Audrey (Host) in Austin, Texas

Updated 142 months ago

Vector Marketing videos - 1 Reply

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