Part 2(vector is a waste)

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Caribbeangyal in Bronx, New York

26 months ago

I forgot to mention we worked for the one in secaucus New Jersey. We both lived over an hour away, so if she wanted to cancel work, the day of was never the best time. She was unprofessional, what more can I expect honestly. She also never kept track of how much we worked, so when it came to pay day one of us always had to remind her what time everybody came in and left. Come to think of it, it wasn't even a receptionist job it was more a telemarketer because we had to speak with these corny scripts on the phone "hi is this...." Hi .....I'm (telemarketer name") name probably won't ring a bell but I work with your friend (sales rep name). You have no idea how annoying it was, and she kept telling us to smile. I thought about calling all does people back and telling them there wasting there time honestly. The "jobs" here are defiantly not worth an bodies time.


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