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Kai in Sterling, Virginia

67 months ago

You should never define an entire group based on a couple horrid individuals. If everyone did that, we all would be starving to death because of a few rotten or moldy pieces of food.

I'm going to an interview there simply because I need a job and was referred by a friend who works there. They seemed nice enough on the phone. The only two reasons I would make a decision not to work there are (1) I have Social Anxiety Disorder and (2) I want to calculate whether the pay will be worth my driving.

What you described is not a scam, it's just employee harassment which you could very well have sued for if you had proof such as recorded phone calls. Most scam claims about this company are misinformed and completely false, such as the deposit for materials. They USED to require a deposit, but you don't have to pay a cent for your demo items now.

The knives may be overpriced, but people will always pay a lot of money for things they think they want (like paintings by horses, literally called mo-neighs, being bought for $4,000 apiece). I eventually want to buy a $700,000 car that I've wanted for YEARS. Buying something you want that is expensive isn't a scam. Vector even has a lifetime guarantee on those knives. They will resharpen any dulling blade, will help you fix any problem you are having, and have a 15-day refund period (which is longer than most retailers).

Like I said, it's NOT A SCAM. You allowed yourself to fall victim to BAD INDIVIDUALS.


Agodin93 in Essex Junction, Vermont

63 months ago

People always say it's a scam.. Well think about this. Mary Kay consultants have to buy their own product to show at their parties as well as candle light and jewelry parties, it's the same thing in my opinion you have to spend money to make money sometimes. I know someone so dedicated to her Mary Kay that she took out a $4,000 loan just so she could start off. And the thing is, once you're done your training, you can have time for a day job and still do some sales at the end of the day. People have just become lazy and don't know how to work for anything anymore.


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