Vector Marketing: Its not a scam

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Lozlocs in Cocoa Beach, Florida

18 months ago

I'm baffled at the amount of sheer stupidity in this thread. Lmao

I worked for Vector for a few months and decided its not for me. But I assure you - its not a scam. Y'all need to chill.
Here's how this company works:

You're called in for an interview like normal. You sit through a speech of sorts about the company and the interviewer asks a few hypothetical questions to the GROUP of people being interviewed. They're hoping you have all the right customer service oriented answers and whatnot.

If you get past the interview, you have a one-on-one interview with a different guy. This is the one you hand your resume to. You can also ask all your questions at this time.

When chosen, you'll be asked to come in again for training. That's the fun part. The chosen ones go into a room where they show you exactly what your sales pitch will look like. You'll have a brochure of things the company sells, knives, and tough food to cut through (like pineapples).

They do the demo. You ask questions. They answer. Etc.
After the demo, they give you a FREE small sample kit for you to use when you do your demos. I REPEAT, IT IS A FREE SAMPLE KIT THAT THE COMPANY GIVES YOU.
They tell you upfront, that you have an OPTION to pay for the FOOD that you demonstrate with, but YOU DONT HAVE TO.
I'm over here reading "you have to invest in the company" and stuff... Like... What the heck are y'all talking about?

It definitely sounds to me like the people calling this "a scam" didnt get past the interview.
Stop being salty. Y'all are just trying to make the company look bad. Lmfao

If you have any questions about my personal experiences or why I didn't think it was for me, ask away! I like questions. But don't tell me its a scam unless you actually worked for the damn company.


awsam37 in Needham, Massachusetts

2 months ago

A scam, a pyramid scheme, no one would need to recruit on such a ridiculous level if they were legit. Let's be real man, they pepper flyers all over the surrounding towns around me trying to get kids to join for the summer. Obviously nothing illegal about that.

But that's exactly it. Just because it's legal doesn't make it right. Didn't get past the interview? Everything I've read makes it sound like they hire anyone off the street, even those with very limited English ability. For a sales position. Doesn't sound like they want you to succeed.

I mentioned the high volume of flyers. Those flyers advertise $18.50 base pay. But that's per appointment, not per hour. But it doesn't say per appointment, it says plain $18.50. How do I know then? Because an employee of Vector friended myself and a large portion of my high school class to try and recruit them, and I asked her the specifics.

You don't see other companies doing stuff like this. Don't know if she was put up to do so by the company or what. But regardless, a quality company needs not speak of its reputation. Vector clearly feels the need to cover something up and I'm perfectly happy not knowing what as long as I can stop just one person from wasting their time on the hamster wheel when they could be putting a concerted effort into something worthwhile.


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