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What do you think -- is this company going to survive and thrive? Are they looking to expand their staff, or do you think layoffs are inevitable?

How does Vector Marketing stack up against the competition?


Sam I am in Urbana, Illinois

136 months ago

In this day and age of the Internet, Vector is in a "shape up or ship out" scenario. Pretty much, they have to refurnish their offices and not act in the same ways that a scam artist would.


Chris O in Boise, Idaho

114 months ago

Ha. I am a manager at Vector and just so you know, we (in my office) are up over 40% of where we were at last year this time. Our entire company is in a very similar situation! We are growing and having our best year ever. I feel sorry for anyone that I turn away in an interview, because it has made me the best person I could be. This whole blog makes me laugh because I make more than 3 of you together, pick any three. :) Not to mention my resume for future jobs, if I ever leave Vector, is awesome! Oh and also, ask the president of Marketing at Illinois State, Purdue University, Kent State, Ohio State, or Chico State what THEY think about us. People who actually know about our company and who have an education. I would advise not asking fellow "bloggers," as they really have no idea, and have no professional opinion.


proem in Allen Park, Michigan

102 months ago

Chris, you do not make more money then me. Infact, I would be hard pressed to believe that 3 of you make as much as me. You are either a paid representive of Vector spreading lies and misinformation on the net for clueless suspects to hire or you are just a fool. Well either way, you are just a fool. I notice your comment is a year old as I write this. If you ever come back here then please let us all know how it feels to be unemployed now and in the hole with debt. Goodbye, idiot.


Jodie in Sayville, New York

80 months ago

I love when idiots like this make this kind of response. Gosh this job is so horrible, why don't you check out one of hte videos on youtube where people have won vacations through selling certain amounts of knives within a year. They won it for free. How about the fact I hit two promotions in three weeks. Or how about Gino Leocadi, who has sold over 5 million dollars of cutco over 47 years.

It not longer costs a cent to get the sample kit, and if you choose to not keep it, it is free to return it. But if you do keep it, you will only pay less than half the current retail value, at only $87 dollars (which is the average price for just ONE knife), which would give you the four knives, plus the scissors, cutting board, and peeler. This means that if you chose not to keep it, it still wouldn't cost you a cent. In addition, you have many chances to win your own knives for free. I won three just from the first ten days, and winning more next weekend because I am attending a conference of theirs. Also the reason the office looks so tiny is because it's only used for phone time and training. The majority of the job after all is done out on the field. How much office space do they really need? You also have the chance to win trips to exotic locations, this year it's Jamaica. You earn a weekly paycheck as long as you have at least one appointment (where I am it's a base pay of $15.75 per appointment unless your commission statement is higher)


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