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Rednate in Hudson, New Hampshire

61 months ago

I worked as an independent sales contractor with Vector Marketing for approximately 1 1/2 years. I sold Cutco knives, many of them to friends, family members, and people I had never met before. I had $12,000+ in sales so I was fairly successful at it.

No one ever forced me to buy the demo set. I was given the option of either buying the set at about 10% of the list price, or I could have borrowed the knives from the headquarters.

The knives are high quality knives so I never really felt guilty for having sold them. For the most part, my customers loved them. The most important but difficult part of the job for me was getting additional sales leads. No one wants to give out their friends contact information. My advice is to make your presentation as much fun as you possibly can, and if your audience has fun, they are more likely to connect you with other possible customers.

The reason I am commenting is to say that Vector Marketing is not a scam, its a good initial sales opportunity that gives early professionals the chance to see what sales is about. Eventually, my Cutco career ran out of steam but I feel it gave me the skills to sell.

I did not choose to take it further, but I don't have anything bad to say about Vector Marketing as a company. Its not for everyone, but it is not a scam and no one forces you to do anything. If you think that's a bad job, my advice is grow up! Its business, marketing, and sales and these are not always the most gentle, feel good, and morally superior possibilities. If you have objections, find something else because you probably would have sucked at it anyway.


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