Vector is a waste

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Caribbeangyal in Bronx, New York

26 months ago

One of my best friends is actually who got me a job at vector as receptionist, our manager was so unprofessional. For example on days that did not work for her she would text us right as we are literally almost at our jobs that we don't have to come in, so basically we just wasted our money commuting to the place for no reason. Our job was to try to convince people to come in for an interview and when was on a call should would still try to approach us and start up a conversation. I guess I can't say much since she is 18 but obviously it wasn't wise hiring her. It was clear to me who her best receptionist was, but when my friend and I looked through the interview log her so called "best employee" hardly got anybody to come in for an interview, she was always on Facebook during her job anyway. My manager herself hardly brought anybody in, to interview. She literally let all her workers go accept for her "best worker" because we made a lot of calls and not enough people showed up. Honestly this place is next to a highway, in the middle of no where, yes my job is to call people, and I call the day of to confirm if they will show up, but if people don't show up that's on them. I'm not gonna knock on there door to ask if they still wanna come, it's not our fault if people change there mind last minute, she should be happy people pick up the phone in the first place, I wouldn't pick up to any random number at all. But to make my point clear she is unprofessional, this job is a waste and interviews here are not even worth it. It's a scam.


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