Waste of T I M E

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yourworstnightmare in Brazil

26 months ago

I worked here as a receptionist for 3 weeks and it was honestly a waste of money and time! First of all you're told to read from a PR Approach and to make phone calls to people who have been so called "referred" to by "friends" who "work for the company". BULLSH*T! Half the names in the system don't even make sense! You're calling people and some are really nice and excited about the job. Some people are RUDE and disrespectful, but hey they're confused so I get it I'm human. Anyways, you're suppose to schedule a certain amount of people per day and 2-3 calls per hour. If you don't reach it your manager will just push you even harder. I saw one manager really push his receptionist BEYOND and I felt so bad for them! It's not as easy as it looks to schedule people for an interview for a company that they've never heard of that so called pays "$18.25". Let's not forget it's a base pay rate and not too many people know what that means. Receptionist get paid $10/hour but make sure you're on your managers ass about getting paid. This entire company is ran by students. Hence the "big student program". Managers can be 18 years old. My manager personally was unprofessional and so dysfunctional. The office was a mess and so small. The phones were crazy and we had to share work space


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