Background employment check

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tonia in Anderson, South Carolina

86 months ago

ok guys my question is about the background check on employment, I worked for a company that did not take out taxes so at the end of the year i had to file as an independent contractor... i worked there for 5 years ( bartender/bar manager ) the problem is that with that job which dates back to my start date in 2003, they changed hands/names a few times and then closed down in 2008. because of them not taking out taxes i did not get w2's, they arent in business now, so how will acheck verify that employment? I dont want something so silly to knock me out of the opportunity with the company. I am trying to go ahead and get all information together for exact dates so i can make sure im accurate on everything else... I feel like i am applying with the fed's after reading the background check stuff... LOL


Becca73 in Flint, Michigan

84 months ago

What happened with your situation Tonia? They seem not to play about the verification process!


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