retail vs. call center

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bleu in Phoenix, Arizona

78 months ago

For a long list of reasons, I have been considering a change of environment from retail customer service to call center.

In retail, I work odd hours, all over the board. Anything from 7-14 hrs. But usually 8.5-10. I actually like the overtime because it pays well. Only shift differential is Sundays. Avaerage 45-50hrs/wk.

The move to the call center would-be big both because I'm told I have to maintain it at least 6-9 mos and because it's 27 miles from home and my husband and I share a car. I'm trying to get an idea of the environment, pay structure, hours, etc.

While I welcome any input, I would particularly appreciate the perspective of someone who has done both.

The particular one would look at is Chandler.


Bluetea in Texas

78 months ago

If you are an older worker or have limited mobility, working call center is a good job. There is less age discrmination with this type of job. You are also sitting down.

The downside is that it doesn't pay that well and you have be able to handle verbal abuse without taking it personally. Call Centers are all about people complaining and taking it out on you. This never bothered me but some people can't handle it.

The other downside is that some call centers are 24/7. Be prepared to answer the question, "Are you willing to work days, nights and Christmas Day?".

I have no experience in retail.


exemployee in Gilbert, Arizona

78 months ago

the call center is open 6am to 11pm. being new would mean an evening shift and working on weekends. if you can get good seniority you can get a good weekday shift when it is time to bid.

pay is just flat hourly with yearly bonus no commission.


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