xbox 360 return policy

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3604life in Lombard, Illinois

130 months ago

I am buying my cousin a Xbox 360 and I'm not sure if he wants it.. I want it to be a surpirse for him. If he opens it and plays it and doesn't like it, can he return it and get full refund?(Cash)? Thanks


macdude in Salt Lake City, Utah

122 months ago

Wal Mart has a 90 day in store return policy on video game consoles, such as Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PSP, DS Lite. Everything that was in the box when purchased is required, even if it has been used. The receipt is also required for a cash refund. (or refunded in whichever way you paid for it)

..but sometimes (if no receipt) you may get lucky depending on the condition of the system and what you "decide" to tell the customer service clerk (if they fall for it).. They will require to see your ID/Driver's License and provide you with a gift card.

PS. If they say NO, then ask to speak with an assistant manager.. sometimes they are easier than the regular associates or CSM.
If the assistant manager says NO, then you are screwed!!


jeffwdavis90 in Columbia, South Carolina

61 months ago

WalMart has a 15 day return policy for electronic items such as video game systems, cellular phones, and computers


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