reapplying for assistant manager at walgreens

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jgarc028 in Riverside, California

99 months ago

i have a 4 year college degree and previous management experience but not with walgreens. i had an interview for an assistant manager at walgreens about 2 months ago. i never received any notification that i was or wasn't offered a job, not even a call back even after leaving a message. i think its obvious that i didn't get the job. i still want to work for walgreens as a assistant manger but i have a few questions first

1. since i wasn't hired the first time should i still reapply or is it going to be a case where my previous interview and application have doomed me from getting a interview as a assistant manager(meaning to be an assitant manager i will have to work my way up).

2. i live in riverside, ca that has a pretty decent metro area, if given another interview would the same district hiring manager be interviewing me? this could be awkward as it could be a case of "oh you again"

3. according to the walgreens website applications are valid for 60 days before you can reapply. when i tried to reapply for assistant manager it said that i still had a active application for the position and could not reapply. what gives, its been well over 60 days?

thanks in advance for your insight.


johnbradley77 in Concord, California

88 months ago

From what I can see, you were not their pick. Apply again every sixty days if you want. I do not look at interviews solely as an entrance to a job, but also as an opportunity to enhance my skills. Learn from each one and get better at it. You were in the top 10% of applicants - they took time out of their day to interview you. In this economy, unfortunately the competition is fierce. You have to go into any interview and 1. Prove that you will be the most proficient person that they can hire and 2. Show that you are a person that they can see as part of "the team".

These days half of the time an interview will not end with "When can you start" there are just too many applicants. You can tell if you were prepared enough, qualified enough, and whether you left with the feeling of "I nailed this one". Also, watch the wording they use...


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