Western Digital Raptor 74Gb Replacement Customer service

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Galvanic in Pymble West, Australia

134 months ago

Hey all.

I sent my WD74gb Raptor to Western Digital for it died. This HDD was made in 2003 and I thought it would be outside its warranty for sure, so i went to there website and typed in the serial of the HDD, to my amazement it was still inside it warranty.

I thought to myself even though its still in warranty I cant replace it for I did not have a recite because I bought it from eBay. The recite was not needed.

I read some forum and most PPL appear to get repaired second hand HDD's back so I was not too happy about that, today I got the HDD back from WD (8 Days after I sent it) and I was replace with a new HDD, made on the 7th of MAY 2007. :):):)

Because I didn’t expect to receive another Raptor i bought a new one and now i have 2, cant wait to go home and RAID-0 them apparently I will expect 20% performance increase. :):):)

I thought I would shear this experience with everyone for im very impressed with Western Digital! Really who gives you 5 years warranty?


Surfing in Vista, California

70 months ago

Good for you. Keep in mind every company makes crap sometimes. It's not worth it to the company any more to mess with customer's complaints. They will throw a new drive at you and hope it will stick. Remember most HDDS last 5 years on average.


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