There seems to be a problem with deju vu @ Vancouver, Plaza next to the cinama.

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Christian Smith in Vancouver, Washington

129 months ago

Why is there so many Russian (Middle Eastern) working for U? I dont hate them, but since I've gone to this market I notice that some of them act kinda weird. Like they live in the past and create a trend of the same past..Sometimes I wonder if I'm being followed from your store. Or is everyone that looks Blonde, black, and brunette. Making things happen to create a wall for them while they work, or shop? They seem to be using little kids, their siblings or friends of family almost creating replicas of one self but in a different time, so they can live in the past as well. Like Deju Vu.....Maybe they HATE someone or me. I've never had a problem with but I've heard of Middle Eastern fighting for revenge in a silent kinda make the other hate or be hated by a group of people.....Yest that seems to be happening around...why??? Maybe your workers are calling them..Maybe they are manipulating your employees. Breaking them in or they could be Middle Eastern who work there and are calling there moffea buddies to come in and look around. Recreating day after day acts(taking notes)...leading to the past but staying in there TIME to stay close to me, friends, and family. I think u should view what goes on in your stores' notice what goes on, u have cameras out side the door ways.......I really think its your blonde females along w/ your males who are Middle Eastern, your store, food section, Checkers, management.....but something has to be reviewed leading to job suspendtions or losses if u come up with evidence.........................hope u do cause I could place a restraining order to the people I, we think is doing this. I'm really scared of this and I hope it leads to prosecution..soon real sooooooonnn!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for your time,

Christian Smith

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