Branchburg Placements

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Henry in Newark, New Jersey

139 months ago

****The following comments are strictly my personal opinion based on past experience and interaction and are to be taken at face value. You should do your own research, make your own informed decisions and post your comments and experiences.****

Dont waste your time applying to Adecco especially to jobs in the Branchburg area. The odds are that it is for Hoffmann LaRoche who just recently opened a new mfg facility there and is now going through FDA validations as Adecco is their outsourcing firm, "What Losers".

The head of the department overseeing this work is most likely a (*name removed) who I know very well after had worked with him for some years. Early on he used to be a good guy to get along with and work for but he has since turned into a major rectum after being promoted I believe and from what I understand from insiders is a real SOB to work for now.

His side kick and right hand woman is (*name removed) whom he gives total control over daily operations and decision making. I do not know her personally and will not comment on her specifically but will say that if this were the last job on earth and it was run by these 2 I would choose to starve then allow myself to get involved with this mess.

Also it has been made very clear that anyone coming on board will be let go as soon as the validation efforts are completed and they get the FDA blessing.

In addition and adding insult to injury having to deal with Adecco makes taking this or any of their jobs like like having to hack off your own arm with a dull pull top from a can of cola and having to stich the bloody stump with a fish bone and walrus fur. It would hurt like hell and you would never be the same ever again.


Henry in Bloomfield, New Jersey

138 months ago

Pitty that they had to delete the names of the people identified in previous message so here is a description of the offending principles.

FR is a short, round, rolly, poly sort of fellow in a stocky sort of way who is balding and may by now be completely bald and who wears eye glasses and is of Italian descent.

His right hand gal is very homely looking, bright but none too pleasing to the eyes, she has redish hair and complexion to go with the hair.

If you meet with these people I would advise you to consider your options as the word is that it is none to pleasing a work envronment.

Hitler syndrome I think they call it.


rvs in Tampa, Florida

138 months ago

thanks guys - i wont be touching them as i know it will be a waste of time - much appreciated happy job hunting!


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